Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Last Post on this (OLD) blog.


I am starting to MOVE in cyber space today. I am so excited.  This blog on Blogger has been such a joy and love for me but I am so in love with the new look of my blog on WordPress that I simply can't wait to show you.

I will change the name servers on Friday or Saturday so you might be able to visit me already over the weekend. 

Please write down the address of this old blog: (I will not delete this blog)

But don't worry, if you type in it will take you to the new blog! 

This is a fond goodbye to blogger. But now, time for new things.

Wilna Furstenberg

Monday, August 25, 2014

Face Palm.

And this is for me, BTW, and NOT for you. I had a mayor face palm moment. So, I have been sending all of you who bought my Art & Design Workshop through my affiliate link an email with a link to a project? Well, I have been working on adding my Art Class Workshops to iHeartstudio and saw that I got mixed up with the projects and the one I have been giving away as a thank you has been one of Artclass 2's projects. FACE. PALM. I am so sorry if you have seen it before. If you have not, well, consider it a taste of art class 2 that will be coming to iHeartstudio this fall! 

And if you have seen the project before, well, please accept my apologies and a new (really really new) tutorial. I was inspired this weekend to make a little mini album with a miniature chalkboard and loved it! I will be emailing everyone with the new links (you should have it by now). This is a video tutorial where I show you how to make this little album. I made it for Tia who is going into grade 12 with a few good tips or "rules" to remember! 
If you want to see this tutorial but you don't want to take the Art & Design Workshop or have purchased it already (But not through any links on my blog) then don't worry. I will be adding this little cutie to my LOVE mini album Workshop that will be available on iHeartStudio by January. Right in time for Valentine.

What do you have to do again?
Buy my Art & Design Workshop from here (My Blog or , email me the receipt wilna71 (at) yahoo (dot) ca (not com) and I will email you back as soon as I can with the link and password to this Mini Album Chalkboard Video tutorial.

And while you are on, if you buy any product you get a cut file for free. Thank you Danielle Flanders for these gorgeous cards. You can see more on

And please, if you did not get the email of the new project... shoot me one and I will email you right back!

Wilna Furstenberg

Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer Guest Post: Allie.

Hello! My name is Allie and I am just thrilled to be posting on Wilna’s blog today! Today I want to share a little a bit about my scrapbooking process. I think I am in the minority when I say that scrapbooking for me is about the process and not preserving memories.  When I scrapbook, it’s about a feeling or an emotion. I’m taking the time to create a layout about that subject (which, let’s be honest, is usually my husband or my dog) and thinking about them the entire time: How I can I build this page to highlight the subject, and the title to express a feeling for them or a special memory with them? To me, a scrapbook layout is like a love letter to its subject.

I decided to interpret this concept literally by making this layout an actual love letter to my husband. In order to do this, I used my Silhouette Studio software to type out a letter. I messed with the font, sizing, and placement until I was able to have it cover the entire background. I cut out the text on plain white cardstock (tip: make sure you have a fresh and clean blade when cutting lots of small text like this! I had a fairly new blade and still didn’t get the cleanest of cuts), emphasized a few lines with glitter paper, and backed it with a pattern that made the text readable and coordinated with my photo. I kept layering to a minimum because there was so much going on in the background, and I also wanted to keep as much of the letter as visible as possible. I used the Leaves and Roses cut file from the iheartstudio shop, and backed it with different patterned papers. I added a few embellishments, and the layout was complete! I did end up saving the text to a word.doc and printing it out so that my husband could see everything I wrote.

Thank you so much for letting me share my layout and a bit about my process with you. I’d like to challenge you to create a project that expresses an emotion. This could be through a title, journaling, using the same concept I shared today, or anything else! Happy creating!

Instagram: alisonleigh21
Pinterest: alisonleigh21


Monday, August 18, 2014

Winners and other Updates.

Hello! I am having a super busy administrative day. So here's a few important updates that you should know about:


1. | Firstly, the winners: I ask that you email me asap at wilna71 (at) yahoo (dot) ca (not com)

Guest Instagrammer

2. | Then you should know that I am the guest Instagrammer for Big Picture Classes this week. I am so excited to show you sneak peeks of my upcoming Art&Design class and chat about it a bit. Follow @bigpictureclasses on Instagram. Tomorrow a few friends and I will host some Instagram give aways of my Art&Design class

Dear Lizzy

3. | I also made projects for Dear Lizzy this month and one of them (Popsicle Invitations) is on her blog today. So adorable. I added the cut files I used to make the project in the shop over at

Art class Update

4. | As you know by now I received back the rights to my Art Class 1 & 2 and Love Mini Album Workshops. Two Peas send me an email list of everyone that enrolled in the classes. Now that I am done with the content of my Art& Design Workshop, I will start working to add those Workshops on I have a great set up there now and the classrooms will be beautiful.  

Important: According to US and Canadian laws, I cannot email you out of the blue about the workshops becuase I do not have your permission to do so. That's why I asking you to sign up for my news letter. I will absolutely not be sending you any emails about the workshops unless you have signed up for them.  I use mail chimp and they are the best and an industry standard when it comes to sending lots of mail and newsletters and things. I read up quite a bit about it and they comply over and beyond all the laws. When you sign up for my newsletter, you have to confirm it. This is an important step as it leaves a paper trail that proves you gave me permission.

Sign up for my news letter in the side bar of this blog... or on the home page of You only need to sign up once. All the news letter signup thingies on this blog and on iheartstudio  are one and the same.

New blog coming soon...

5. | I am working on a new blog. This blog address will work for the new blog! It's basically done and looks beautiful. It will be fully functional September 1st. After almost 10 years with blogger I took the big step and migrated this blog and all of its content over to WordPress where I will be hosting it myself. (meaning it will cost me something every month).  There is a few reasons for this:

  • I became more and more frustrated with the limited customization functions of blogger. I have been building websites with WordPress the past 3 years and felt more and more confident that I can do it and make it beautiful. WordPress has a plugin for every desire and the developers are so accommodating. 
  • Becuase 2peas closed, I have no place to host my gallery of pages. I wanted to add them all in one place where I have full control over how they look and display. WordPress provided me the platform for this. I am still busy adding galleries. It will be 10 years of creative work displayed in my galleries. Minus my workshop content. That's a lot.
  • With doing so well and looking so beautiful now, I wanted a more uniform look  between the websites. One look for my brand: iHeart. 
  • I will never ever delete this blogger blog. But on September 1st, this BLOGGER blog will resume the address. 

Wednesday videos

6. | I will resume posting wednesday Videos on this blog September 3rd. It will be on my new blog!

So, thank you for being patient through the transition of all these things. So much going on. There is literally only 2 more weeks left of summer in Saskatchewan. I am going to take more breaks and enjoy it. And at night I will climb into inter web code and make my web presence even more beautiful. 

Have I told you lately how much I love you?

Wilna Furstenberg

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Summer Guest post: Bernii Miller

My name is Bernadette Miller, although I go by Bernii and I am a passionate crafter and memory keeper for the most part. That is between my teaching job and being super mum to my two little babes Abigail (6) and Hunter (3). They tend to be the main subjects of my scrapbooks, although lately I have taken time to scrapbook about myself also. I live in the beautiful ranges of The Great Diving Range, in sunny Queensland- Australia. 
My Scrapbooking style almost always features pops of colour, layers and watercolour. At the moment I have a real crush on all things floral, I never used to be like this , but I guess with all things our style changes and evolves!! 
So with all things evolving and changing at the moment my 3 loves are Instagram, Mango Smoothies and pretty paper/embellishments (especially if there is glitter involved) ! What I hate most is cleaning up after an awesome scrapbooking session ha ha . I think we can all relate to that!! 

My favourite food is pancakes!! Anytime of the day.. I never ever tire of them, especially if they are smootherd with ice cream, berries and maple syrup ..yummo! 

You can find me :
Instagram: Bernii_Miller
Pinterest: Bernii

 1. I organized all my cut files into a wreath layout, to make sure I had enough. I then drew a light circle under the wreath as a guide to remember where to come back and glue everything down .

2. I then used my WOW ( words or whatever) rose template with some gesso and painted some roses around the pencil circle that was drawn earlier. 

3. You can just see the gesso roses forming a wreath. These will be the base of our watercolour roses. 

4. Then to figure out what colours to paint the watercolour roses, I laid back all the cutfiles and flowers to make sure I had enough gesso roses painted. 

5.  I then made sure that the photo I was using was going to fit nicely with the wreath.

6. Then it is time to use watercolours to paint the gesso flowers. So it by bit, I slid the cut files and roses off to the side and pained the roses.

7. Once the watercolour is dry , I then went back in some places and added another layer of watercolour to add more depth and interest. 

8. Now to add a more defined look to the back ground, so back and grab your template, and either a number 1 or 2 fine tip pen to outline the roses. This really defines back ground.

9. Then to "rough" up the edges I went back afterwards and roughly drew around the edges.. I like it a little messier as I think it adds a little more depth to the roses. 

10. So this is the final look of the back ground,. This is the time to go back and add more watercolour to parts of the roses if you wish too.

11.  Then finally , start to place back all the cut files and flowers to match the watercolour roses. I also trimmed down my photo in the middle, so that I would have a place to journal. I added my title and started to adhere it all down. I use E6000 glue, which is just amazing. It is a super strength glue which will adhere anything. Then I added some ink splatters, I find it hard to never add ink splatters. I used a think paint brush dipped directly into the ink bottle and holding it high above the page, just letting it drip in its own time. I then went through and added some smaller splatters, resin flowers and petals to fill out the wreath. I then went and added in my journalling . And done :) 

12. All complete :)