Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Yes, still snowing. The funny thing is that its like dust, just whirling around in the wind. Can't even make a snowball. Funny thing #2 is that the wheather didn't predict it. and its not -23 like they said its going to be. we all huddled this morning in our winter jackets, frantic search for lost mittins and then... it was too warm! PA's weather is really not too bad. the river is iced and snow covered and it seemed to happen over night. beautiful. look at this gorgeous picture. its our electric fireplace on the main floor. i took some pictures but all of them blurred.bing. so, i'll take some later with a tripod. maybe i'll include one or 2 more. the light wreath was bought at IKEA. cool shop. huge and with the most wonderful bargains. we got the most adorable little pudding bakkies there for only 50 cent (canadian of course) johann loots (alias calvin/ old joe) said it looks like it cost only 50 cent. quess where he got his ice cream. LOL(Laugh out loud). ek skryf al die afkortings net vir my ma want sy ken dit nog nie. so ma moet gou leer!!!! :) (dien ma die smile?) Anyway, I'm still onto 2peas. saw l/o there from a girl named hanni and was totally inspired. i have so no clue where scrapbking is going to end. so now i want to get into it making a 100 pages of just sketches and ideas and fun and art. I have to get out of the box otherwise... havent done anything tday bc elbie and eurika visited and drj had a few other ideas for me. i just totally adore him. he is such a charmer! since we have arrived in C, he took over the management of the finances and its been such a blessing to me. i just feel he makes the $ so he can decide how to spend it. so, its been a challenge to stay off it cause he forgets to pay stuff... but he is coming around quickly. he is such fun. we laugh all the time and he is so full of jokes and tease me alot. i love it. so its 01:47 in the afternoon. just wanted to say hi (hope anybody reads it...if you do LEAVE A COMMENT!!!) i'll see if there is a pic thats not blurred and post it too. this website is the easiest thing since sliced bread and if anyone want to know more, email me. will write again. love and a kiss... wf

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