Monday, December 19, 2005

Monday morning gratitudes

today i am thankful. thankful for God that loves me and will not give up on me. thankful that He has a good plan for me (and you) and that His thoughts towards me is good. and thankful that i dont stand on my own merit before Him, but on Jesus' merit. thankful that i have a husband who loves and cherishes me. thankful for 3 beautiful girls who surrounds me with beauty and noise. thankful that i can sleep warm and eat lavishly. thankful for parents that is in good health (!!!) and that thinks about me every day and that loves me. thankful for friends and family who put up with me and loves me non the less. thankful, thankful, thankful. this weekend flew past us. we had a dozen appointments that started on Friday eve with our church' christmas banquet. it was beautiful. saturday we slept untill almost 10 (then the sun was up properly), went to canadian tyre and bought the very last of the cmas shopping. the afternoon j worked at the walk in till 4 and the kids and i went to mickey's bithday tabogan (slee) ride at little red. it was -25 and after a while Jana cried and said that i must take her home RIGHT NOW!!. shame, she cried of being cold till we got home. Kirstin was in tears too. only tia hang on and played with the big girls. see the pic (thanks elbie!!!!) so the evening craig and marga and little ella came for pasta and apple pie and we had a great time. sunday we went to church and after that i stayed at home reading my book (memoirs of a gheisha) while j went to town and he had a very frustrating time b/c of all the people. the afternoon we had coffee with nico and wilna and last night i read my book and finished it at 12:00. wow, its a beautiful, wonderfully written book. captivating and totally binding. i loved, loved, loved it. beautiful. and what i enjoyed just as much as the story was the history and the culture of the time. cant wait for the movie. my parents in england had their wedding annirversary on saturday!!!!! so this morning i want to make a card for them. bless you, mom and dad. we hope you had a wonderful day!!!!! ok, so, off to cleaning the house, listening to music, being cheerful and THANKFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love and a hug.wfxxx


Anonymous said...

Hello my friend. Missed you on the weekend. Thanks for your amazing perspective on life and things!!! Needed that today. Love you tons, me

WF said...

bless you back. missed you too. got your email... will pray for you!!!!! (very complicated??!!) love and ((((hugs)))