Thursday, December 15, 2005


10days to go... so how is your shopping going?? i am proud to say that all mine is done, except for 1 or 2. happy, happy about that. today i am having a difficult day, maybe a little pms, i dont like that excuse, dut i have the general feeling to be left alone. i think the week has been hectic for me and i was thinking to myself this morning that it's a BATTLE to have peace and quiet. and its a BATTLE to keep your peace and quiet. i feel my peace being stolen and am i doing BATTLE. the name of the Lord is my strong tower and i know i just have to run to Him and be safe. i know, i know. so, tonight was GREAT!! i am totally amazed that kids can have such hearts after God and it blessed me and i was tearful most of the time. i forgot to take a picture of the decor. so just forgive me, because you just have to. so, further more i am drivng a round today again... playing mom's taxi and i hope to get some creativity going even if its only one page. hope to hear from you soon. look at this cutie-pie baby girl. pic was taken last night. love and PEACE and QUIET for all. wf xxx

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Anonymous said...

U are forgiven for not taking pics of the decor. Sorry I missed the concert, then I would have seen the decor. Love you tons! me