Sunday, February 19, 2006

Holiday pics and -40!

Hallo to all the patient blog readers out there. i must confess that i am thankful its sunday night and i am at home and can be blogging...i am thankful that its warmer and not -40 anymore. yes thats how cold it got on Thursday and we survived it! and while it was -40 we hung out at the pool @melfort and the one that enjoyed it the most was JANA! on the slopes at wapitivalley, TIA was the star. she and shannon (our babysitter went with) sailed down all the slopes - even the ones that took my breath away b/c it 's sooooo steep. she couldnt go fast enough and was at it the whole day. we only skied 2 days the other days it was too cold and we went to the pool one day and to the movies the other. we saw 8 below and its totally GREAT. wow, and very inspiring. double wow. so, this is a short post with a lot of pics. tomorrow i'll be cleaning the house and getting my life in a little order. byw for now... i love you all. wf, xxx


Lisa G said...

Wilna, so glad to see you back, so glad you had a great time! {HUGS}

Anonymous said...

Wow, it is hard to believe that it is -40 outside and you all have costumes on. It seems so nice. Missed your blog. Checked everyday... Have a great week cleaning. Lotsa love, ur me in the east