Saturday, March 4, 2006

HALLO MATYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Matyn
How are you today I am just fine .are you and me stile friends. because I am still your best friend. And it is snowing and we went sking at wapety valley this week.
And I miss you and your brother .and when are you going to visit me
And my sisters are doing good too .I hope I can come soon to your house. is your mom still Scrapbooking my mom still scrapbooks and it is still cold and last Thursday it was minus 40 and that day we went swimming at NOTHREN LIGHTS we had a lot of fun and just to let you know that we are going to maybe visit you next year and I really liked the braslet that you send me it said BEST FRIEND and I will send a card to you soon and we can play dolls with me .and I have a blue bedroom that is small and nice too .my mom and dad want to build another bed room downstairs .and when you come play in my room we will play everything that is in my room and I have something to tell you this is what I am going to say at school I am the only one on the 4 thousand bord and I am going to get something from my mom and I have made new friends and one of their name are Caroline and another friends name is Ashley LOVE TIA March 4, 2006 still friends I think that was a yes

From WF: thanks sooo much for that post Maryna!!! it;s such a GOOD idea!! these pics of tia was taken yesterday and today. love and a kiss... wf.

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Family Tales said...

Dear tia,
thank you for my letter. I will write again soon. You and your sisters look very funny in your snow photos.
lotds of love