Monday, March 27, 2006

let the good times roll

girls...i miss you! i wish you were here! i wish i can share everything that's happenning with you!
and to those who don't know, this is my scrap gang from south africa. we were such a fun bunch just laughing and enjoying ourselves. Thanks Mari for checking out my blog! love you... when ARE YOU COMING??? yay!!!!
will blog later more. YES totday actually! promise~!!

and this is MARYNA!! my heart friend! and me with faye morrow-bell... one of my altime HEROS!

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Family Tales said...

You move me, you do!! I love this blog, it brought a smile to my face and a dance to my feet. Yes, we truely are a fun and funky bunch. I love being a part of your life. Remember you do, I kissed Faye Morrow-Bell.. I did, I did, I did. Have a great day, I'm gonna get to bed early. Love ya