Thursday, May 18, 2006

choose your A.R.T teacher well...


Seems I have never put this page my blog. well, happy day for me. by the way, Myryna, still on cloud 99 after that mothers day post... thanks again, my friend!!! to have a place in someone's heart is to never be alone. it's almost 8pm and the sun is still shining. i did 3 pages today working on the same theme as my banner and i am enjoying myself. sometimes i force myself to remember that i scrapbook for my "THEM" and NOT for their "THEM". sometimes the pressure to perform is so big it makes you do nothing... but i realize that i just have to do what i have to do and do it for the right reasons and then its a delight! sometimes i find joy in browsing someone else's gallery like Maria Grace or Jennifer Johner but most of the times i find my true inspiration in looking at my own gallery. because it's not so much the artistic stuff that inspires me, but i know and acknowledge and remember how i FELT when i did every page. and those FEELINGS and REMINDERS give me new inspiration for another page. things need not be complicated all the time. yes i am reminded.

i come to the conclusion everyday and more and more that i cannot separate my art from my faith. as you can see on my banner, for me ART=faith. and that is my message. that we have been redeemed through what Jesus did on the cross for me and THAT and THAT ONLY is what can sustain my life and even more so: MY JOY! and my reason to live. Gal 2:20 is probably the essence of our faith and i GET it!! YAY! I really, really get it. and it fills me up and it gives me joy every single time i remember and every single day. so with this in mind that A.R.T = faith i did a page today that tells Jana to choose her art teacher well.

i hope you do too. i know i have the best one in the world.

love and kiss


Crystal said...

I have never put the thoughts you just expressed into words, but i know it deep in my heart. It is such a happy thought to know that our faith extends to every part of our lives and that grace comes through every part of creation--including art! I love to see the way your faith spills out into your art, and I totally look forward to seeing much of your work in print!!

Family Tales said...

My friend, your blog makes me burn my food.. See, waiting for things to get cooked is about my total free time at this stage in the game. so, then I run to see what's on. and then you amaze, chalange and lift my spirit up so much that suddenly life outside my spirit becomes mundane and unimportant and I Just want to spen time with Him and with you. Love you so very much, your more special to me everyday.

Heather said...

I love reading your blog Wilna...such inspiring thoughts! ;)