Friday, May 26, 2006

one year today...

yes, it's true...
today one year ago we arrived in PRINCE ALBERT. amazing how time flies. i have a few thoughts looking back on this year.
i am amazed at God's faithfulness in settling us (like He said)
i am amazed at the wonderful people that have become part of our lives (like He said)
i am amazed at how happy the kids are (like He said)
i am amazed at what happened scrapbooking wise in my life (like He said)
i am amazed at how He have put a shephard over us (like He said)


i should not be amazed at all.
for there is no expiration date on His promises.

will write some more later.
love and a kiss


Family Tales said...

Yes, one year, somedays it feels like a lifetime, and then when I hear your voice, it feels like a moment. Just like He said, I still love and miss you, just like you or I went on holiday..
Enjoy your holiday,
Missing you

me..... said...

Hi there my friend. Can't believe it is a year yet. Enjoy your holiday. Love you tons