Wednesday, August 16, 2006

an apple a day...

keeps the doctor's wife happy!! this is what i am getting soon. i know at long last what i really want and the imac 20" screen is it!! what's amazing about this computer is that what you see on the picture is IT. no hidden box with hard drives ect. just this wonderful, elegant, incredibly fast, virus free, beautiful apple. i have never been this in love with apples before. so, as soon as it happen, i will shout it from the roof tops. YAY! i really want to start doing some digi scrapbooking and a 250GB hard drive and 1 (or maybe 2)GIG RAM will help this vision. can i say it again:YAY!!

Jaku and i will be married 15 years this year and we decided to get ourselves something special for it. we are getting white gold rings for our right hand. beautiful bands. broad and beauiful. i hope we will have them tonight. then i will post a picture. i am so excited like a little girl that got a present. we just thought that there is not a lot of people at the age of 35 that's been married for 15 years and THAT deserves a reward.

will write again soon
love and a kiss


Liz Ness said...

Congratulations! We just celebrated our 17th (I'm 39 he's 38). I just love it when I hear about someone else that's been happily married for such a long time! Have a great time celebrating!

kathie said...

Congratulations. That is a wonderful thing, to have been together for so long. I am 41 and have only known my husband for 7 years. I really wish that we had've met when we were younger - we wasted so much time. But it was not to be. And I guess that we are the people we are today because of the time we spent apart. I can't wait to see your beautiful white gold rings :) and any digi pages that you start playing with!

laura said...

You will love this computer.

Congrats on 15 years. :) You deserve all the happiness in the world!

marygrace said...

Oh my goodness! I dream about this computer. :) You're going to have so much fun with it.

And congrats on the 15 years! I want to see those rings! :D

Elizabeth said...

That's my computer, Wilna! I love it. LOVE it. We almost didn't get the 20" monitor, but ended up going for it... good decision.

Happy 15th anniversary, too! : )