Monday, August 21, 2006

some humor...

oh man, i totally love calvin and hobbs. Hobbs-on-Fire was my pseudo name for HOF on 2peas. so, herewith a little Calvin and Hobbs humor for you. today is such a beautiful day! the weather here in Prince Albert is gorgeous. and while i was driving around today i actually saw some leaves turning yellow. so, my absolute favorite time of the year is coming... i can't wait to do photo shoots in the beautiful fall. my husband did a 21km run yesterday. i am telling you... HE IS THE MAN! i am totally proud of him. will post a picture here soon. Speaking of mission and vision. i am pondering this lately. so i was praying yesterday and sensing that to be a leader you first have to lead yourself. and there is a lot of things that i am ON TOP OF in my life, but there are also a few things that needs some sorting out. and i feel the time has come. for me to sort some stuff out. like exercising. so, i am determined that before this day draw to a close, i am visiting the gym around the corner. i so am doing it. TODAY. a very clever man once said: if you want to change some things in your life, you have to change some things in your life.

i am having a blessed 3 hours alone. my kids are at a birthday party and i am so enjoying the quietness and peace. and before i say bye i just want to say HALLO TO ALL MY SOUTH AFRICAN FRIENDS READING MY BLOG!!!!!!

love and a kiss


{Lara} said...

Hello Wilna!!

me said...

Hi there from South Africa! Have a great day

Elizabeth said...

I wish you lived around the corner from me, Wilna.

Anonymous said...

And hallo to my Canadian friend, doing all the blogging!!
We all miss you..