Friday, August 4, 2006

today is a GREAT day...

i know, i have been such a bad blogger, but for the last 2 days I COULDN'T get in!!! and you know what? i almost deserted blogger for typepad and then i realized i typed my user name wrong. ha-ha.
so, at the moment i am home alone. the kids are with a friend and i still have an hour before i have to fetch them. i got the most delicious little things today: K&CO tins with 100's little tabs and tags. i literaly jumped up and down in the shop when i saw it. YUM!!! i have been scrapbooking just for ME the last day or 2. birthdays ect and also a few PLAY pages. for the kids grow up so fast that i just wanted to scrapbook their PLAYING. also got this amazing book and i am LOVING it! thank you Ali for the continued inspiration you are to me. i have been copying pages shamelessly. sometimes i feel that i forgot how to scrapbook and then i go into copy mode and just make pages for ME by scraplifting. this is a good thing because before i know, i am back to doing "my" style and then there is always a "new" element to it!
i am looking for a wooden fish and tackle box for my embellishments. i hate anything plastic... if you should know where to get something like that, please let me know. something like a doctors case that opens up and folds out... :).
my KI memory album is finished and posted and i love it so much, i want to sleep with it!!! will post a sneak is a page that i just did. terrible photo. i LOVE the page though. Mary, just for you!!! have a great weekend. here in canada its a long weekend. YIPPIE!! love and a kiss, wilna xxx


Mary Mac said...

Hi Wilna - I would love to see some of your pages that you've done just for you. I hope sometime we can get together IRL and I can hold your scrapbooks and see every page for real!

me said...

Glad to see you back. Love ya, miss ya