Wednesday, October 11, 2006

it's snowing!

as i am typing the first snow of the season began to fall. it's -4 outside. it's probably wouldn't last as it will get warmer later today. but it's such a serene scene. Last night jaku and i sneaked out of the house and went to the movies. we saw the guardian. and i really really enjoyed it. because of pretty boy Ashton Kutcher, and because i loved the tension. another movie that we are super excited about is ONE NIGHT WITH THE KING. it's the story of Esther. and it's being released later this month. take your time and watch the trailer. it's going to be great!! know what? the other hall of fame girls are just GREAT. we have a message board where we chat everyday and when i asked them yesterday how do you make a picture pop with Photoshop elements, they gladly told me. i am so thrilled. i took some fall pictures last week in the park and they turned out great. and now they are popping!! before i go on... drum roll please for the winner of the Hall of Fame Book RAK.... STACI!! i wrote numbers 1-22 on squares and closed my eyes and picked a number. 8. your were the 8th comment! CONGRATS! You have to email me ASAP...if i have not hear from you within a week, i will draw another number! go-go-go!!

the new MMIDOL challenge is this:
Challenge #2
For quite a few years now, my motto has been to take time for the little things. I know that for me it is easy to get so wrapped up in the day to day schedule of life that I forget to take time to notice the details, the small things, the things that really matter -- the things that I really want to remember 20 years from now.
My challenge for you has two parts:
1. Create a layout with the theme "the little things." That doesn't have to be the title; in fact, try to come up with something different and unique but I want to see what some of your "little things" are.
2. Use at least nine photos. You can use more than nine, but no less. You choose the size and the layout - one can be large with eight small photos or they can all be the same size, etc. It is up to you.

i really would love your input. jaku and i are having one serious, strenuous, solemn discussions around this challenge. see, that's what makes me love him so MUCH! he cares, he is involved, he has opinions! anyhow, name a few little tings that you would use on such a page. let's say 5 things. i would love your input.

before i say goodbye i want to leave you with a thought. Luke 12:29-32 in the message reads: "What I'm trying to do here is get you to relax, not be so preoccupied with getting so you can respond to God's giving. People who don't know God and the way he works fuss over these things, but you know both God and how he works. Steep yourself in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. You'll find all your everyday human concerns will be met. Don't be afraid of missing out. You're my dearest friends! The Father wants to give you the very kingdom itself."
what an awesome encouragement.
love and a kiss


Maryna said...

5 small things, let me see.. if it was mine, it would be either small things that made me happy or made me think of YOU!! about me, a smile, a single flower, a working lightbulb or tap, a cd cover, a footstep in the sand.. about YOU.. a drawing, a teaspoon holder, feather i got at your fairwell, a mirror, and my heart..
Love ya

{Lara} said...

Read the book and loved it! Didn't know there was a movie too.
My 5 things would include sound of wind in the trees, chidren's laughter, winter sun on my skin, m mother's wrinkled by loving hands.

Can't wait to see your next creation!


Liz Ness said...

Boy, the little things can be the most precious, too. Let's see, five? How about:
1. The briefest moments when our children understand something wonderful (like that a butterfly isn't just pretty, it flies, too).
2. Singing. What a lovely gift to be able to hum our joys and blessings!
3. Those few seconds every now and them when we get it; when inspiration finally rings through and we take the call. Some people call them the "Aha!" moments.
4. The simple wind, a cool breeze kissing our faces on hot dry days, making the day just perfect.
5. The smell of the dirt as a summer rain, long needed, starts to fall. It is so glorious.

Wow! That was actually a lot easier than I expected. Best of luck Wilna!

Allyson Bright Meyer said...

Hmm....5 things for me:

1. Looking at our cross that hangs on our wall in our home (it says "God Bless This Home") was a wedding gift and it just makes me feel warm inside when I pass it every day.
2. When my husband reaches over when we're watching TV and just rubs my arm a little bit (how he says "I love you"
3. Hugs from kids
4. Daisies
5. Comments on my blog (so silly, I know, but I love it!)

Hey, speaking of blogs, feel free to add a link here to your featured artist page on my site...I'd love for people to be able to see your profile & celebrate with you!

Hope you're doing well---good luck with this challenge at MMIdol - rooting for you! :)

Jenny said...

A friend just won a local competition with a photo looking down at her and her husband holding cups of coffee and their slippered feet - the little things - enjying coffee together on a Saturday morning.
Hands - to love our children and husbands and pets; to cook meals; to wear our precious rings
Cars - having them and being able to drive
Safety and security - something that all ex-pat SA's will identify with

Jessica said...

Hi Aunty Wilna,

Congrats on the Scrapboook thing, I wanted to vote but the site wouldn't let me and my mom vote.

My 5 things would be;

1. A purple daisy
2. A yellow smiley face
3. A piano, life without music would just suck
4. A watch, to remind me how fast time goes when you're having fun
5. A Calendar