Monday, October 9, 2006


today (the 5 minutes that is left) is thanksgiving here in Canada. I just want so give ya'll my thanks for again voting faithfully for me. i do not know the outcome yet, doesn't matter. YOU MATTER.
thank you.

the journaling of the page is also very significant for Thanksgiving so here it is:

Life is good. when I can open my windows and smell the rain. When the autumn leaves start to fall. When I can tell a joke. When I can make our family's favorite food. When I can blog. When I can eat rice krispies 4am in the morning. When my husband gives me a kiss while he thinks that I am still asleep. When I can read a book. Life is good when I can have conversations with Jana. When I can do the laundry. Talk with Maryna on the phone. Get an email from Ingrid. When I can spare a moment and take a nap. Read some more. Life is good when I can study God’s word. When I hear my children play. When my mom and dad visit. Going to the airport. When Jaku lovingly buys me little trinkets. Listening to tree63 and Leeland and third day. When life is good I can take pictures of my girls in the fall leaves and scrapbook with cerulean blue, when Jaku reminds me to smile. When I can watch a movie on my apple imac. Life is good when God build my character (even if it is not so good at the time) and when I can write with this great pen. Life is good when I can make someone happy and give a gift. Life is good when I can make someone see themselves in a new way, when I can inspire them to give God a chance. When I can watch pride and prejudice over and over. To have my friends over for dinner and see them relax and have a good time. Life is good when I can wear red lipstick and get some highlights. Because of sunshine and clouds and coffee times. Because of Galatians 2:20. and because of roses. Life is good because I love deeply and can live freely. I am alive. I am loved.
I live
That’s good.

thanks again for voting for me.
will let you know soon if we can repeat the same procedure next week.
love and a kiss

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