Sunday, October 15, 2006

This was my second choice...


for tomorrow's MMIDOL challenge! well i am posting the journaling of TOMORROWS page today. and the page you see here is the other one. i know i am confusing you but here is the deal. i did 2 pages for the challenge and the page you see here was my second choice. the one that i entered is a little more daring!!

the thing that caught my eye for this week's challenge is where she said: that I forget to take time to notice the details, the small
things, the things that really matter -- the things that I really want to remember 20 years from now.
I considered this a long time and realized that the little things that create a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart now... my warm tea, my new quilt, my pink hat, my new PJ's... this will not matter 20 years from now, but what will is my 3 living little things and the little things i teach them now that will make a HUGE difference 20 years from now.

the journaling for the 2nd CHALLENGE page is as follows:
Dear Tia, Kirstin, Jana. You three girls are my little things! The three souls that God have put in my care to teach and guide and love. And 20 years from now you will matter the most. Therefore I really take care with you to teach you the little things… the details… the things that matter now.
Always be honest. Speak the truth. It will save you a lot of problems.
Be kind to one another. Even if the other person does not deserve it.
Read God’s word everyday and pray. Just like in the song.
Watch your tongue. What you say will have a profound influence in your life. It will make or break you.
Learn to play. Don’t worry. Learn this little thing now for if you don’t it will become a habit to worry.
Let the law of kindness be on your lips.
Give the best to others and it will come back to you. Learn to give. It will be one of the most important little habits you’ll ever learn.

you will see the page tomorrow... and remember to VOTE. Voting starts at midnight MST (8 o'clock in South Africa)!! i will also have another Hall of fame book RAK tomorrow and one or two other surprise RAKS for my "fans" hee-hee.


StaciCal said...

Just wanted to wish you luck for tomorrow......loved your journaling on the other page...Can't wait to see all the pages!!

Jenny said...

Do you mean 8pm in SA? Then I can work out the corresponding time here. Good luck