Friday, November 3, 2006

good morning!!

i posted this page a day or two ago and swapped it with another one. so i thought to put it back. this was my second attempt at the page... long story there. Anyway, on the idol page last week the people could ask some questions and there is one that i would love to discuss today, as i feel is very relevant. For me anyway. Jeannie asked when you scrapbook how long does it usually take for you to decide how you want your layout. Not very long. Why? I am not afraid to make a mistake. Rebecca Sower once said there is no scrapbook police. I would do the same page twice if I did not like the first try. But I would never throw the first one away or think bad about it. Remember it is only paper. And very importantly every single page you do, whether you like it or not, helps you grow as a scrapbooker. I have done some pages that I did not like and then my best ideas for another project will come from that “disappointment”. Nothing you do creatively wise is ever a waste. Never.

i actually chuckle everytime i am creative. there come a point in the creative process where your page/ project looks like a disaster. it's when you go beyond that point and just keep on working that things comes together again.

I hoped that made sense. THE WEEKEND IS HERE!!! YAY!! my husband is writing an examn on Monday (awww!). he has to do 3 examns, this one is number 2. i am teaching at JUST SCRAP IT in saskatoon tomorrow while jaku has a medical seminar also in the city. the rest of the time we are going to have dinner at our favorite restaurant CALORIES, go to the movies and just have a great time. you must have a great weekend too!!!

love and a kiss


Jenny said...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend; that your class goes well and that your DH's seminarand exam goes well

Sophia said...

Hope you had a good weekend, we sure did, go check my blog...

Liz Ness said...

HUGS Wilna! And, cheers to a great day!

Kerry said...

I've just seen the news today, Wilna... Congrats on mmidol. Well done, well done. Your stuff is so worth the honour, so don't "wave" your talent away with "thanks family & friends for supporting me". You're good, girl! Keep on creatin'