Friday, November 17, 2006

Happy weekend...

I am almost done with my Making Memory book project. it's glittery, pink, heavy metal and i love it! This weekend jaku is working. but tonight we are going to the movies (the new 007) and most probably going out for coffee after that. I am a little tired as i am writing this, but i am trying something new out on blogger, so i just had to do a quick post. YAY! see how BIG i can make my picture? that's what i am playing with. If you go to Settings, make sure your COMPOSE mode is on YES. then you can do all sorts of things!

i also just want to take a second and THANK all of you who leave me such KIND and SWEET comments. I read them all and i even check on previous posts so i don;t miss any. my blog readers are *THE BEST*.

have a FANTASTIC weekend!


Dale Anne said...

OH I LOVE how you sewed the flower - the whole page is FAB!!!

Jenny said...

Now come an look at MY blog too!

jacqui said...

How do you fit in so much scrapbooking with everything else a mom has to do? Thanks once again for the lovely parcel.

Anonymous said...

Lovely LO (as usual)- Can't wait to see your book project. I'm soooo happy that Candice Greenway shared your blog with us - You're such an inspiration to me, not only for scrapbooking but LIFE!!! After I've posted here, I'm going online to locate a book that's on your blog - "Heaven is so real" - I hope I can get it here in SA.
Hope you had a good weekend.
Lotsa luv
Lesley Otto
SA Scrapper

P.S. I'm meeting Candice this weekend - She's hosting a scrapbooking day here in Durban, I'm sooooo excited.

Kimber-Leigh said...

I love the new banner...I've got to figure out how to get one on my blog! Just need to find the time:)