Saturday, December 2, 2006

christmas and my red run

i am getting excited for Christmas!!! Since i read Choo Thomas' book Heaven is so real, i realized it's special for Jesus too. So i decided that i am going to make a christmas journal for this month. here is my album cover. i used a Making memories album and painted it christmas RED and wrote these lyrics on it (after i downloaded the whole ALBUM from iTunes!!). The metal frame is also from Making Memories (i just added some of their AMAZING glitter) and the cute christmas trees are from a shop called Stonewater in canmore. (i got something beautiful there for our house art-wise, but i will show you that later). i decided that third-day's christmas album will be the main inspiration for my journal. wow, that was a mouthful!-----------> in the same christmas spirit, like i wrote yesterday, i did a little project for the making memories blog. go and have a look and please leave a comment there to make me feel good. (!!)

ha-ha. you see, i love this book His needs, Her needs by Harley Jr., Willard F. in the book he talks about the fact that a man's second greatest need is recreational companionship. it was in that spirit that i went up the mountain to ski with jaku as he is such a fitness freak. actually he is THE perfect advertisement for a doctor!! (and he is so sexy!) so, i am all smiles riding this condola up and up and up into the mountains of canada. on our first run we went up the green slope called strawberry. and i kid you not... i almost fainted looking down to where i am about to ski. recreation companionship? yea right. off i went. i did fine, skiing left and right, and about 500m from the lodge i just picked up speed and couldn't stop and so i fell. avalanche on mountain? no, just wilna. ha-ha. another Australian guy with a snowboard also saw his future at the same spot. we laid in the snow and laughed at each other...asking if the other was ok? telling the other that we couldn't ski. the best part of falling? every part of my body and FACE was covered so NO ONE knew what this idiot look like!! ha-ha. the problem was when i got up and i realized that my left leg couldn't carry my weight. so, to make a long story short, i got a free snowmobile ride down to their ER room, got pampered with an ice pack and now i am walking with crutches. jaku says that i tore a muscle in my knee. you know what this lesson taught me? go to the gym, get fit. i have been putting it off for 18 months. but now i realise that my body is not getting younger. so i have to get fitter!! whhaaaaaaaaa! i am going to ski double diamond!! just not at THIS moment!! in the end i skied the RED run. the red cross run!! i am fine. the part that hurts the most is my pride!

back to Christmas! The Nativity story opened yesterday and i want to see it this weekend! so, my question to YOU is, will you join me in making a christmas journal? i will post my page everyday. LET ME KNOW!! oh, and the last few post cards will be going out tomorrow. The offer is now closed! : ) most of them i posted already!

the winner of the little note book is....ROXANNE! (i have your address girl!)

love and a kiss


Dale Anne said...

Oh - I'll join you in doing a Christmas journal.....picked out my little book just a couple hours ago before reading your blog entry.
So, sorry to hear you are on crutches - hope it doesn't hinder the rest of your holidays!
Hope you have taken LOTS of pictures of all the snowy mountains, etc.....that's the only thing I miss about not being in Alberta anymore!

~BethAnn~ said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry about your leg. I hope there is not too much pain.

I love that you put Third Days song on the front of your journal.
If you have not heard it you need to listen to a song called "Thief" by them. It is so awsome.
I am a thief, I am a murderer
Walking up this lonely hill
What have I done? No, I don't remember
No one knows just how I feel
And I know that my time is coming soon.
It's been so long. Oh, such a long time
Since I've lived with peace and rest
Now I am here, my destination
I guess things work for the best.
And I know that my time is coming soon.
Who is this man? This man beside me
They call the King of the Jews
Well They don't believe that He's the Messiah
Somehow I know it's true.
They laugh at Him in mockery,
And they beat Him till He bleeds
And They nail Him to the rugged cross,
And They raise Him, yeah they raise Him up next to me
My time has come, and I am slowly fading
I deserve what I receive
Jesus when You are in Your kingdom
Could You please, please remember me
Well He looks at me still holding on
the tears fall from His eyes
And He says I tell the truth
Today, you will be with me in paradise
And I know that my time, yes, my time is coming soon
And I know that my time, yes, my time is coming soon
And I know Paradise, Paradise is coming soon.

I love that song.
Thanks for all the great inspiration all the time and I'm waiting for you step by step to your mm final

jacqui said...

Hi Wilna. Count me in. Sounds like a wonderful idea. Sorry to hear about your leg. I've also been threatening to go back to gym, but never seem to get there. Always something 'more' important. Maybe we should start some sort of gym challenge.....? Take care of yourself. Love Jacqui

me..... said...

Hi there my friend, Yes, His needs Her needs still one of my favourites. I started kick boxing with kids to get fit. It is great - I still look like a clown though. I have no co-ord...Sorry you broken.Love ya

Rachelle said...

your christmas journal
looks fab. :)
sorry about your leg.

nat said...

Love your journal cover- gorgoeus!!!

Roxy Roller said...

Wow, your Christmas journal looks great!

I am sorry about your knee, I hope that it heals up quickly! I totally get the all in the name of companionship, I too have skied down slopes too hard for me, just so that my major skier husband doesn't get too bored skiing with me!!

And WOO HOO, I can't believe that I am the winner of the note books! I am thrilled! Merry Christmas to me! Thank you also for the card, I received it in the mail today and it is so sweet!