Thursday, January 25, 2007

the A B C of me...

Ross tagged me with the whole alphabet of information... gasp... so I thought rather than finding no time to do it all, i will do the a b c...

A - Available or Taken: Available for MME!!
B - Best Friend: Maryna
C - Cake or Pie: Cake -- the black forest I bake.

I am tagging YOU ALL to tell me in the comments the A B C of you! Thanks Ross, it was so sweet of you to think of me.

The past few days I have felt like I am a pressure cooker. I don;t know why, but it seems that I am just walking the line of not asking myself how i feel but telling myself how i feel. female hormones can be the x-factor so many times. But i am not blaming them. just trying harder to walk on sunshine. spend time in the Word and have the house quiet, and neat, cooking good meals. being creative. It all helps in the end.

Still super excited about the online Valentine class. For those who don't know, it's going to be awesome. And it will cost you $15 (plus minus) for the south african ladies it's R85. and I have created something for you as a special download and also a private blog with lots of pictures and information. come on! come and join in the fun! I asked Jennifer to help me "test" out the class and this is what she had to say:

"Wilna's Valentine project offered through Designersnotes on line class was a joy to participate in...not only was the project cute, fresh, and cutting edge, it was FUN! Her instructional guidance was just that, instructional, but freeing in the aspect that she appreciates everyone's personal creativity thus giving freedom to the artist to experiment and play around with the project to make it truly their own. This was the first on line class that I have ever participated in and I can honestly say that I am now hooked! Thanks Wilna!" ~ Jennifer Davis

Jennifer, i appreciate you and look out for the goody box coming your way!

Something that made me smile today, was seeing that Maria Grace's blog is updated. You can really loose yourself in there with the most beautiful pictures she took of her "home" in the Philippians. Just scroll down.

remember to let me know the a b c of you. And you are allowed to make it more creative! so, to say goodbye, here is a Word that really blessed me: Psalm 119:165 Great peace have they who love Your law; nothing shall offend them or make them stumble.

Walk on sunshine today!


The Mad Aunt said...

Hello Wilna - Keep walking on sunshine - I love what Jennifer Davis had to say about the class and for another online experience I think she deserves a class on! Have a restful weekend - Jennifer contact me once you have browsed through our available class with your choice for a FREE class! Claire (

Ros said...

YUM!! That cake looks delicious! Is that one you baked?? mm mm mm mm mm!

Kimberly White said...

Hi Wilna,
A - nope, I'm married to the best man ever!
B- my sisters are my best friends
C - cake (I love black forest cake too! But now that I think of it, bananna cream pie is a very close second)
Thanks for the tag, and for that verse ... you always seem to get me with those verses! Have a lovely day!

Susan said...

I love reading your blog!
A - Taken! for 19 years.
B - Terri
C - Cake - chocolate
Thanks for being so generous!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wilna,
Have a great time shopping!

a= married for almost 13 years
b= my mom
c=definitely anything with chocolate and peanut butter

Fran Heupel

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time in Edmonton... I live just minutes south of there (in fact from Ikea - love Ikea!). Really enjoy your blog and wante dyou to know how much you inspire me to keep creating. Thanks and hugs.

A - taken: to my dh of 30 years
B - my best friend is my mom, Mary Ann.
C - I think I'd rather eat pie... flapper, lemon meringe, rhubard custard, pumpkin, cherry... yum

Have a great weekend...

Dale Anne said...

My ABCs........enjoy EDMONTON!!!
A- married, will be 31 years in June.
B- My best friend is Susan
C- Instead of cake, I'll take cookies.....

~BethAnn~ said...

Hi Wilna! Have fun shopping!
My abc's
A-taken at the moment, but (sadly) soon to not be.
B-Delana, for 22 years
C-Pie, bananna cream is the best!

Have a great weekend!

Jenny said...

Ooh have fun shoppping! Nothing like that here

A: married for 15 years
B: Best friend ... don't really have one
C: chocolate mud cake

me..... said...

Hi my friend


A = Taken for almost 17 years and hope to be for another 77....
B = Arthur
C = Cake for sure

Have a blessed weekend, enjoy the shopping

micayla said...

Hope you have fun while you are away!!


A= My heart is taken and has been for just over 6 years, and boy do i love sharing it!!

B= The man above plays this role too.

C= My homemade christmas cake or chocolate truffle cake takes the biscuit, no pun intended!!!

Have a fabby weekend!

M xx

Jenny in SA said...

Hi Wilna,
Never got to thanking you for my postcard - been without a computer - but thank you so much. It was so thoughtful of you. Hope you have a blast at Ikea - wish we had them here in SA.

A = taken - going on 6 years
B = Brandi in California
C = Pie - love anything in a pie

Thank you Wilna for being such a wonderful inspiration both spiritually and creatively. You are SO cool.

Much love, Jenny

Andrea said...

A - very taken!
B - Jesus
C - pie (caramel apple)

have a very fun time at IKEA...that is the best place to shop :)

Anonymous said...

A- Taken :-)
B- Mark
C- Apple Pie

Have a fun shopping!

- JenV from BC

Monica said...

Wilna, I just love your blog-- so inspiring and encouraging.

My ABC's:
A: Taken - 7th anniversary coming up in April.
B: Best Friend: my husband
C: I choose both: Pecan Pie and Chocolate Mint Cake.

Jan said...


A=Taken, not available. Going on 24 years.
C=Cake, bleh! Give me tart cherry pie with ice cream any day!

jennihaywood said...

Have fun at Ikea!

A= Taken, 6 years!
B= Best Friend is my hubby, Paul
C=Cake or Pie: PIE, PIE and more PIE mmmm homemade Lemon is the best!

Love reading your blog each day. I enjoy your the scripture versus you share, the music, and the art! Thanks!

milkcan said...

A: Taken. I'm a newlywed!
B: My Mom
C: I'm a pie kind of girl!

Lauren said...

Oh, I wish I was close to an IKEA!! So generous of you to think of "us" while you are sh9opping!
A - got a hubby, but always on the lookout for new friends to play with!
B - Bestest in the world Tiffany - wouldn't trade her, not even for scrap supplies
C - mmm, like both, but I'd take creme brulee over either one!

Crystal said...

Oh have a great trip!!

A - married 5 1/2 years!
B - definitely my husband
C - oh this is a hard one, but I think I'll have to say pie

Kirsten said...

My turn...
A- taken...for almost 30 years now...(yes, I was a baby ;)
B- Debbie - even though we don't see each other often enough, we always catch right up again
C- Pie, apple or blackberry...but that cake surely does look yummy!
I love what you say about telling yourself how you feel. I need to try that.

DeniseLynn said...

Hi Wilna ... I was busy with my boys and am finally getting time to check in. So my ABC would be:
A - Taken (by my darling of nealy 10 years now).
B - My Darling Hubby and my Sweet Sister Dianna and my favorite girl friend Lisa (Can I have 3 favorites?!) God has blessed me with so very many wonderful people it's even hard to just pick 3.
C - Cake (with butter cream frosting or my Aunt Vi's "poor mans" frosting I guess is some family recipe but I can never make it right because it's so fussy, so I just go to her house to have it). thanks for the fun chat and as always thanks for sharing your heart. May God Bless you as you continue to {shine like stars in the universe} Philippians 2:15.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wilna,

This is a new one for me but here is my ABC

A: Anxious or at peace: At Peace - has taken a lot of prayer for me to get
B: Best Friend: Peter (husband)
C: Cake or Pie: Pie...especially apricot pie!!

Have a great time at IKEA...we finally got an IKEA here in South
Australia....only in the last 6 months...fortunately it takes me about 1 and
a half hours to drive there...if it was any closer it would be dangerous!!


Kimber-Leigh said...

have a fun trip wilna!

my abc's:

a-taken for the last almost 6 years!
b-other than my sweet husband, my mom is my best friend!
c-red velvet is my favorite cake choice...or italian cream...or strawberry...:)

Patti said...

Well, by commenting now... I already know you had a blast in Edmonton. Good for you!!!!

My abc's:
A - Available or Taken: Taken - my second anniversary is on Valentine's Day. (Meet my husband online). :)
B - Best Friend: My dh, Margie, Laverne
C - Cake or Pie: Cake -- Black Forest