Sunday, January 21, 2007

conversations with Jana

Scene: Jana and Grandpa sitting on the couch watching an old John Wayne cowboy movie. The good guys are chasing the bad guys.
Jana: What are they doing?
Grandpa: They are chasing the crooks
Jana: What are crooks?
Grandpa: Well, they are people who robs banks and steal stuff and do bad things.
Jana: Oh, you mean perpetrators?

Yep. that's Jana. Five years old. I had to look that word up to spell it.

peace on this day


maryna said...

iloved that story.. i laughed so loud, i almost peepee-ed in my broeks.. i've also told everyone that has been around to visit, since you told me.. well done jana, you go girl..

Patty S said...

Oh my goodness. Your daughter sounds just like my daughter! Some of the words that come out of her mouth stop me in my tracks (my daughter is 7). How on Earth do they learn these things??!!! I hope you keep a journal because it's fun to look back and see the things they say and do. :-)

me..... said...

Good idea to keep journal, I didn't and I know Jessica had the same moments but I can't remember them.Very sad.Have a great day. P.S I am registered and rolling for the class. Thanks for help

Lisa G said...

Good job Jana. I love when they use such big words :) Too Cute!

Ros said...

She is just soooo darn cute Wilna!!
You cracked me up with that story!

I hope that it's ok, but I tagged you on my blog with a list of ABCs that I don't think you have done yet.


lisa stead said...

LOL Wilna, that is funny!

Oooo I love your picture from Saturday...that looks pretty cool, whatever it is you're making!

I've been so busy lately I've hardly even posted! And it seems like I keep missing you in person, so I thought I'd come drop you a note! "HI" from me...the note would read haha!

Life has been busy...I'm still working like crazy to get my sales up (spices-Epicure) so I can be a Unit Leader at the end of January. I think I told you about that...anyways, so that has been keeping me busy...talking to my team and booking parties and such...

Of course kids keep me busy too haha!

wow I just looked at the time...I have to sing tonight, so I better run...hope you're having an awesome God day today Wilna! Grace to you!

lisa stead said...

Oh I don't think I ever posted about your brother's pictures. I checked out his site and wow does he do amazing work! They're just amazing. You guys are so talented!

DeniseLynn said...

Wow a little smarty is she! Very cute too with that toothless smile. Thanks for sharing, kids say the best things. I keep a journal for each of my boys. My 4 year old reminds me to write things down (sometimes as soon as he says something cute! what a ham). Hope your day is filled with Blessings.