Thursday, January 18, 2007

A fruitful vine

I have been meditating on this word that God gave me two years ago. At the time i thought it a wonderful "cosy and fuzzy" word. Never realising how true it will turn out to be. It says in Psalm 128 says Your wife shall be like a fruitful vine in the innermost parts of your house. When i handed Jaco a cheque of $800 yesterday for work I did, I realized i am fruitful. Not that i measure stuff in monetary value. But the only way I am contributing to our household is in emotional and physical care, not monetary. So, it's a JOY and a BLESSING to be able to do so once in a while. And all the time i am doing what i LOVE, what makes the innermost part of me happy. I am not stressed out. It's not a sacrifice. It's only a blessing to me. I *HEART* scrapbooking. The next part of that same verse is a story for another day!

While I was driving the kids around yesterday Delirious? was playing and this one song - every little thing- just totally hit home. The words say:
When it’s all falling down on you
You’re crying out but you’re breaking in two
When it’s all crashing down on you
When there’s nothing you can do
There is someone who can carry you
Every little thing’s gonna be alright
Every little thing’s gonna be alright

so, if you are stressing, worried, anxious or upset know this: every little thing is gonna be alright. Go and buy this song on iTunes. Just do it. We all need this affirmation sometimes.

Oh, and as I am saying goodbye, do you see the HEART? yea, it's part of the surprise. I am excited for all who have registered. If you have any problems registering, email me. Is there ANYONE out there who would be willing to help me out by doing my valentine class project to "test" it? I will email you the instructions and all. But i just want someone to do it before the class opens so that if there is anything i forgot/did not explain etc, it can be righted before the class officially starts. I will send the person willing to do this a RAK!! Leave me a comment and if there is more than one, i will draw a number. speaking of numbers, i have not forgotten about last Friday's post. the thing is, i am looking for something really cute to RAK! Soon... soon.

I hope this post
comforted, encouraged, and did your heart only good.
Love and a kiss

Ps... Jenni asked... Delirious? sing that awesome song!


John Bryson said...

Thank you for the post. It actually did my heart good. Some of those pictures are amazing!!!!!! You have a really interesting, and high quality blog here. Thanks,

John Bryson said...

sorry to post again, but tell me if you know how to put music on your blog. I would really like to do that. Thanks again,

The Mad Aunt said...

This was written to me - thank you Wilna I needed it right now! I don't mind the project for you at least then mine will be done for the crop on the 3rd! Claire

jennihaywood said...

I would love to do your Valentine's class project!!! Just let me know the details! Sound like FUN!

jennihaywood said...

By the way, I went to iTunes and there are so many songs that are called- every little thing. Do you know who sings it?

dalne said...

Hi Wilna

Loved the fruitful vine verse. Never underestimate the value of the emotional fruit you contribute to your family it is priceless. And then of course the fruits of your creativity and your testimony on your blog nourishes many near and far. I will be honored to "test" your class.

Kimberly White said...

Hi Wilna ... so funny ... God gave me fruitful vine verse this week (for an entirely different reason). I'm meditating on it because we are believing to have another baby. I never actually thought about that verse from your angle. God is so good!
PS I would love to take your test class =)

Susan said...

Thanks so much for the words to the Delirious song. I am always blessed by your blog. Thank you!

jacqui said...

Thanks Wilna. Those words are once again just what I needed to hear this morning. Been feeling a bit down lately, but feeling much better after those words of encouragement. I would be honoured to test out your class.


Jenny in SA said...

Thanks again for all the inspiration. I would love to do your Valentine project....

jowilna nolte said...

you do know that you are such a bright light shining down on is morning like this one and for most others too that i can log on and find God's word that is just for me in this day. Like this morning too...every little thing will be alright! you truly are a blessing!
with love
jowilna nolte

Patti said...

Delirious - I love that song and now I can't stop singing it. Will be thinking of you all day I am sure - with this tune in my head.:)

happydays525 said...

I would LOVE to do your class for a little "test" for you! You are so sweet to even think to have someone do this!