Monday, January 1, 2007

The sound of melodies...

HAPPY-Happy new year again!

Ok, so here is the "how to" of the sound of melodies.
first of all you need to listen to the music to get the inspiration! HERE

List of stuff you need:
* 9 different patterned papers. Papers that makes you happy (they must not be very light- this will cause it to crinkle if you paint on them. i used the MME's boho range and also some on MM papers)
* Some cardboard to tape the papers to
* masking tape
* pictures: some 8x10's (i used 3) and some 4x6 (i used 6)
* Paint (i used grey, white, black and cream)
* Big paint brushes (i used those you paint a house with. BIG ones)
* Making Memories foam letters (i wrote "memories" with it)
* Embellishments
* 9 12x12 canvasses that i bought @ walmart
* Tacky Glue - i used Aleene's Fast Grab tacky glue (also @ walmart)

Ok, lets begin: as you can see in the picture above, i arranged the 9 papers and taped them to some white cardboard (just lightly so that the papers doesn't move while i paint). Next, position your pictures and tape them also. Some of the tape remained to the end as part of the "painting". I used some white paint and just covered the areas using a big brush and my "gut feeling" it's not very much paint and even if you think this is so not going to work, keep going. I used some grey paint to add a little dimension and the some cream paint (see picture below)

then with black paint i wrote the title. Once you get to that stage, you can start working on the individual "pages". I took each page and considered it a page in itself that should be able to stand alone as a scrapbook page. I stitched the pictures to the pages and embellished. I added journaling. The best way for you to see the detail is to click on each image and it will open up big. After i finished every page, i took the glue and liberally covered the back of the paper (not very thick, but every inch) and pasted it on the canvas. you have to trim the paper a bit to that it's 5mm smaller than the canvas. using your hands to flatten the paper on the canvas. Let it rest for 10 minutes and then smooth all the uneven places and the corners. if your paper is thick, you will not have much problems with rippling. If you look at the picture i took while working, you will see that i intended to paint a bird, in the end i did not like it and painted over it. This just show that you have to keep going even if you feel a disaster is coming your way. Work through it. it will be fine!

If you have more questions, please ask me. I am terrible at doing instructions (that's why it took me forever to do this) i will explain more if i know what you don't know/ understand.

OK... i am off with Jaco to find a place for coffee and cake! Be blessed. Listen to the music again. Let it inspire you. Psalm 57: 7My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is steadfast and confident! I will sing and make melody.

love and a kiss

Edited to Add (eta) Questions and Answers: thanks for the Q's!!

Patty asked: I noticed that you write your journaling on top of paint. What type of pen do you use to do that? Doesn't it ruin the pen? It's something I'd like to try and I'm really curious about how you do it.
On this project i used a Steadtler permanent Lumocolor Fine point pen. I use this pen often to write with on (totally dry) paint or any smooth surface like transparency ect. It doesn't ruin the pen but remember not to press too hard!

Melissa's asked: what kind of brush did you use for the writing of the title?
I use brushes i bought at walmart...( because i always forget them in the water and ruin them) for this title i used a number 11 Loew-Cornell 1802 brush. In my scrapbook pages i use a much better quality sable hair brush (this one i am careful not to ruin!) this brush can make the finest point eva!

she also asked: Did you use a template for the "sound of melodies" in white?
I used the Making Memories simply fab foam stamps and stamped in white and with a soft lead pencil colored around the letters. if you enlarge the page by clicking on it, it will make sense.



Melissa said...

Thanks Wilna for posting this. You are kind and generous. My question is about what kind of brush did you use for the writing of the title? Also, what kind of pen have you found responds well to writing over the paint? Did you use a template for the "sound of melodies" in white? Isn't is exciting to welcome a New Year and live in the anticipation of what God will do through you yet again?

Lisa G said...

Thanks Wilna for publishing this. I will definately do it and have the perfect place to hang it in my scraproom.

Andrea said...

thank you so much for the wonderful instructions! i love your creativity....beautiful artwork!


~BethAnn~ said...

I am sooooo excited that you posted this for us. I bought the canvases about a month ago. Can't wait to start!
Also, thank you for the cards that you sent. They are beautiful. I will cherish them.
Happy New Year!!!!

RN4JCHRIST said...

OH MY WOW Wilna, this is just gorgeous! you are so creative & talented!! I love it!~Dawn

Jana said...

Happy new year!!!!

chanel said...

you are so clever

Melissa said...

Wilna, Thank you for responding to the questions so quickly. You have given me answers I have wondered about ever since I found your blog. Thanks again.

familyjames5 said...

happy new year wilna. i think i am going to save all your directions and get started when i can get over the new year. such a great project, can't wait to get started :)

thanks again for your help with the SOY too and to all your readers who voted..thank you from my heart :)

sarah x

Didi said...

Wow what an awesome project!!! Well done!!!

Anonymous said...