Tuesday, February 20, 2007

This is a BIG day for you!

Keep on punching those F5 refresh buttons on the IDOL site!! I honestly do not know what time the 50 will be announced, but it is today!

I am going to the hair salon today. Believe it or not, but at 35 I have a LOT of grey hair! So, I am playing be nice to Wilna day and look forward to being pampered a little!

This here is the little album I made (on my lap in the conference!) I had a little bag with glue and scissors and paper and stickers and this cute Maya road flower chipboard album. And I did all my notes from the weekend in there. Just for fun! And then I enjoy taking notes. Again i have to say Dr Trent was so funny, I forgot to take notes sometimes! One of the things he said that was major for me was to deal with issues while they are still at the issue level (the desk is messy)! Otherwise the issue becomes personal ("you" are messy) and from then on relational (I don't think "us" is working). Really amazing insight.

Now, lets look again at why you should have entered the MM idol? Because MM Spoils you! Look what I got in the mail yesterday. Paint heaven!! 9 packets of paint! And I totally Love this company's paint. YAY!

This is such a great day! I am getting edgy because I have long since spend a whole day in my scrapbook room and my hands are itching to start creating again. I have a whole lot of deadlines. It makes me so happy when i can create!

If you click on the images it will make it bigger. It really was a quick project, but now I have a memento for a long time! Please tell me today, what is your most precious memento? I have to say collectively, my scrapbooks. All hundreds of them! A thought for today: Psalm 131:1LORD, MY heart is not haughty, nor my eyes lofty; neither do I exercise myself in matters too great or in things too wonderful for me. 2Surely I have calmed and quieted my soul; like a weaned child with his mother, like a weaned child is my soul within me [ceased from fretting]. I really need this scripture today!!

I free smilies you all!!!
Talk soon



lisa stead said...

Wow your notebood turned out awesome! You are SO creative!

I'm trying to think of a memento that I have around here and I can't think of any. I generally sweep through and get rid of a lot of things eventually. Probably for me it would have to be pictures. I have a lot of pictures...wedding pictures, pregnant pictures, baby pictures, pics of the kids, their baby books full of pictures...probably pictures are the one thing that I would consider the most precious to me.

A 2nd momento would be my wedding ring. Always a reminder that I am loved and cherished by this one great man that I love more than any other.

I think other than that I really don't have many momentos at all...

Anyways, you have a great day Wilna! Grace to you!!!

Lisa G said...

Good morning Sunshine :) Can't believe that cute album you made on your lap!! You are amazing!!! F5, F5,F5, lol

Ingrid said...

Hi Wilna, I also enjoy getting rid of old stuff, but there are one or two things that I just can't get rid of: my blue "blankie" from when I was a child, and the corset that my mom wore on their wedding day. And I must agree with you... my scrapbooks are really important to me!
Love your "quick project", I think something like that would probably take me a whole day to create! (I'm a slow scrapper!)
Love ingrid

Andrea said...

My scrapbooks are my favorite momentos also...i'm working on one right now, a completely random album filled with tons of heart journaling...i know it will be my favorite :)

....and your journal from the marriage semminar is amazing...i love it when you said "when i pleasure God, i will pleasure my husband"...so true!!! Sounds like it was an awesome experience!!!

Well have a very blessed day...looking forward to seeing the 50!!!

priya said...

Dear Wilna,

My dad used to take a lot of pictures, and also have a lot of pics taken of us, his work, and just about anything that caught his fancy. He passed away when I was 13. So anything that is his esp his pic collection is my fav momento. Close second is the precious mementos I am creating for my children- our family scrapbooks.


Theresa Tyree said...

Hello sweet, I am amazed at all the hand journaling that you do. What pen do you use? It must be a very fine tip. I'll have to try that. I use a glaze pen. I can't fit as much journaling on my pages since the glaze pen is thick and embossed looking.
As I've said before, I get grouchy if I don't regularly create something, so I know what you mean when you say you're edgy too!
My stomach is sick about today's announcement. I couldn't sleep last night. I had all sorts of dreams, some in which I made it and I was happy. Some dreams I didn't make it, and yet I was still happy. So either way, I know I'll be fine.
Looking forward to your next post.

Theresa Tyree said...

I forgot to tell you what my most precious mementos were. For sure are my photos and scrapbooks. But also, I also have a big cardboard box full of letters that my mom and dad wrote to each other while my dad was away at war. He wrote her a letter every single day while he was gone. I can't even read those letters without bawling because it showed just how much he loved us and how much he thought of us while he was away. I miss him so much. He passed away 4 years ago this month.

me..... said...

Ok, i think my comment just got eaten. Anyway love ya lotsa jellytots

The Mad Aunt said...

hello again on the 20th I have to agree with you that my scrapbooks are my most precious momento's - I must stress that we MUST all store them carefully - I suffered a fire at home a few years ago and the damage is a disaster! If those fireproof waterproof scrapbook storage bags were not as pricey as they are to get them here I would need plenty of them! Have a great day


Joyous said...

What a cool way to remember the things you learned from the seminar! I like that it is something you will keep cause you've given it a personal touch, something that you will look at bcause it's all pretty, and not just notes on a sheet of paper that will eventually get tossed casue it's just in the way! I will totally have to remember this!

StaciCal said...

...........yes waiting for the top 50 MMI list is driving me nuts!! Looks like making memories is spoiling you rotten, they know they have a great designer in you!! My most precious thing would have to be my scrapbooks..too......Staci

Anonymous said...

Great album Wilna,
Idols contest should be very exciting can't wait to see the top 50! Have fun at the hairdresser.

Fran HEupel

Monikinha said...

Wi Wilna
My favorite memento is my scrapbooks too... I just love put together photos and memories... Wow, I love your album... what a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing the insight of Dr. Trent... works for me!!
I want to be spoiled too... I love MM paints!!!
Have a great day!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wilna

Have to agree My scrapbooks are so precious to me. They hold my favourite memories about the people that I love more than anything in this world.

Wishing you a creative day.


Anna-Marie Still said...

Gosh - I thought I was being so good & patient this morning not coming down to look at my computer to see who made it to the MM Idol top 50. Just had lunch with the kids (school vacation week here) and have to get ready to go out in a little while, so I thought I should check now, but alas, no announcement yet! I'll have to go distract myself until later!
As far as my favorite mememtos - that's tough - of course my scrapbooks are becoming more & more important to me as they grow, but I also have a little statue my husband bought for me our first Christmas after we were married and another when I was pregnant. While I'm not really big on "knick knacks" these are 2 items I hope will get passed on down through the generations.
Now, I'm going to go make something to keep me from "F5-ing" all day!

caro said...

hello again,
love the excitement that's building - no I'm not an entrant yet, but am hoping to gain momentum and be ready to submit if there's a next time...

I LOVE 'making memory times', rather than having things - so my treasures are the holidays & special occasions we have as a couple & as a family. If they surprise someone - all the better!

Anonymous said...

cute, cute book! love it!
busy day today.

I would have to say my most precious memento would be my scrapbooks/photos. I really think "things" come and go, but those memories, those are forever!

Have fun at the salon! I'm headed there myself in a few days. I've been coloring my hair {due to gray} since I was 23. :O

-andrea g.

Ros said...

Such a cute way to keep what you learned with you! With a notebook that pretty you can't help but flick through it every now and then and you'll be reminded of your weekend!

Michelle M said...

Hi Wilna,
Great notebook!
I also treasure my scrapbooks and photos most, but next on my list would be my charm braclett. I started collocting charms on a family vacation in 1976. We travelled all across the US and visited lots of historic places during our bi-centinial year. After that vacation my family kept buying charms for special occasions. I had it filled in no time and still have loose charms tht didn't fit.

Kimber-Leigh said...

What an adorable book for taking notes!

It's hard to choose just one momento...but my husband made me a wooden box to keep my wedding rings in (when they are off my hand...rarely!) that he has carved special symbols in...it reminds me of special times we have shared together...trips, dates, etc.

happydays525 said...

Hi Wilna! My most precious memento I think would be a poem that my husband wrote me when we were first dating title Little -Jenny-Hungry-Heart. It's written on note paper and it's getting all yellowed and brittle now...so sweet to hold it and remember when it all started!

Sara said...

Great album idea!!! I think my most precious momento(s) are the letters my husband wrote to me while in Brazil for two years before we were married. They may not all be mushy love letters, but they are a symbol of our continuing friendship.

sarah said...

love the book wilna. love what you have written over the past couple of days. that marriage conference sounds fantastic.
sarah x

Patti said...

For me, I'd also have to say my scrapbooks/photos.

Misty D said...

Very cute album! I agree - my most precious things are my albums. I also cherish the little momentos I have from my great-grandparents - this little Manatee bank that he got in Florida where they wintered every year - and this seashell box that I got her from the beach one year that she filled with her pins. I love little sweet personal things like that.

coRinne not connie said...

what a lovely reminder of the weekend. i've got notes i made in bible college that i still refer to. always a good reminder!
my memento? probably the afghan my grandmother made - or the old rocker handed down in the family.

christaw said...

Wow all that paint..how cool!! My favorite momento is my scrapbooks.

The Mad Aunt said...

Hi Wilna

Its the 21st and I am here again! Another random fact about me I had my first grey hair at 18! 20 Years later I have a lot more! Someone said that you get a grey hair for everytime you say yes when you actually wanted to say no! How true is that when you always put everyone else first! I love your book and am so inspired again! Well done to the top50 alas not meant to be this time but there will always be another time! Have a great day! Claire

Mrs. Wizzle said...

You ARE addicted to scrapping! Very cute notebook! Who'd a thunk it! Favorite momentos: handmade quilt by mom, notes, cards, doodads from friends, family and students. I actually save them and re-read them often.

Great work on MM idol!

longnecklady said...

My most precious momentos are my wedding ring, and my memories I tuck away in my heart. I'm not sure if the memories are momentos, but they are precious.


Don't you love the new Maya Road chipboard albums?

Kim F 267 said...

Wilna - this is so adorable. I love the style!

My most precious momentos are 2 teddy bears and my baby afghan. I have them sitting in my bedroom - on a small rocking chair that belonged to my Dad as a small child. One of the bears was my first one ever - not sure what age.

Caro said...

it's HOT this Wednesday arvie in JHB,send us a snowball please!!

Just bought my first 'tree 63'. We play a lot of music in our car & the kids enjoy all sorts.

Have a lekker(delicious)day!

jacqui said...

Hi Wilna
I would have to say my bible and my scrapbooks. It's so hot here I can hardly think - 44°C yesterday - today much the same.

jacqui said...

Hi Wilna
I would have to say my bible and my scrapbooks. It's so hot here I can hardly think - 44°C yesterday - today much the same.

Dale Anne said...

What a LOVELY notebook! Tho, I'm not surprised coming from you.....
My favourite memento....I have a quilt that friends made me when I recuperating from Chemo/Radiation 9 years ago....words of friendship on it - its a well-worn quilt and I LOVE IT!!!

Jennifer H said...

Thank you for saying those words. At first, I really thought that. Why keep doing this to myself, it's getting me no where. But then I thought, it's my dream and I'm finally doing something about it. Then I said to myself, "At least you entered, that's a start, and you can't win every time you enter." So I'm keeping the dream alive and keep on going all the while scrapbooking and being happy.

Kimberly White said...

love your little notebook and your encouragement! My most precious momento : definitely my scrapbooks ... but one in particular I'm thinking of ... Matt and I went to Scotland for our honeymoon and we decided not to buy anything there (except food and stuff we needed of course) our decision was to take pictures (like 24 rolls) and for me to scrap them when we got home. What a precious gift full of memories and love. Have a great day Wilna! Kim

Michelle M said...

Well said Wilna!
I really admire your attitude and your art.

iralamija said...

This is beautiful!!!!

Have a nice day!