Monday, February 12, 2007

tulips for today.

I love these flowers. And someone said that if you put a copper penny in the water it lasts longer. So, this morning while grocery shopping, I got 3 bunches of tulips. One for my scrapbook room, and 2 for the living area. And know what? Looking at something so fresh and beautiful makes one happy!! free smilies I just gave you a clue if you want to win some spectacular stuff with Making Memories by clicking here. hee-hee.

Anyway, Jaku picked a number for the MM Book, Decorate Life: Scrapbook. And the winner is...JANA! (no, not my girly girl). Please email me. And I would get that in the mail for you to enjoy and drool over like I did when I read it! I am busy with a little project for Creating Keepsakes. And a few other fun things! Can you believe it... but Valentines day is just 2 days away! Please check in here on Wednesday because I am going to have another give away of a totally different kind. I am very excited about it! I got my Big Picture book and I can not wait to start reading it!

LISA Guidry! I got the box goodies with the RAK I won on your blog!! Thank you, thank you, You are totally awesome! You really spoilt me thank you! I love all the goodies! she even gave me some of K&Co's Frippery stuff! (As well as the little punches that goes with it!) So, thanks again girl! I can't wait to do something sweet and special with it!

What are you doing for Valentine? We don't celebrate Valentine as such, but this year I made Jaku a very special card (thanks to!) and this morning I got him some Lindt Chocolates in heart shapes which I hope he will share. Shhhhh! it's a surprise!

Have a great day!
Love and a kiss


Candy said...

What a beautiful site, I'll come back often.
Thank you

lisa stead said...

Well traditionally we do very little for Valentine's Day. I forbid hubby to buy me flowers because my birthday is 2 weeks later and it makes me mad that they drive up the price of flowers for the 14th, but 2 weeks later you can buy the same bunch for 1/2 the price...maybe I'm too practical...LOL! This year we really aren't doing anything since we're headed to a marriage conference on the 15th (yay!) and we intend on having a blast down there and spending valentines that way :D

Anyways hope you're having a great day! Oh and if I ever win scrapbooking supplies, please just choose someone else LOL...I just post on your blog for fun...I wouldn't use scrapbooking least not at this point...hehe :D

So have a great day!!! Been busy around here...14 boxes arrived at my house to sort through...along with 3 extra kiddos haha! My kitchen is a wreck...filled with paper stuffing and garbage...oh well, at least I got all the spices sorted...


leslie said...

we don't usually do much for v-day. but i found this totally awesome, delicious recipe that I want to try out.

can't wait to see the MM idol this year.

Kirsten said...

I love the flowers at this time of year...just bought two bunches of daffodils, and I keep smelling this sweetness, thinking "what is that???" then, "oh, yes, happy smell of fresh flowers". Spring is just around the corner!

Lisa G said...

Tulips are one of my absolute favorite flowers. Mike bought me some last year and I loved them so.
So happy you got the package and that you will enjoy everything :)
No big plans here for Valentines Day, just trying to make Mike stay home till after the 14 since he will be driving back to CA and wants to leave tomorrow, but I think I can force him to stay :)
I am a little behind on the class because he is home but I will catch up soon and will send you the pics when I'm done :) Is this post long enough, lol.

Alison said...

Fresh flowers are such a mood elevator!