Thursday, March 29, 2007

being screative...

This is an older layout that I want to share today! I have been scrapbooking yesterday and today will keep on carring the torch. I really believe in creative momentum and the more you do the better you do! I love the pages that has happened so far. It's really very spontaneous and free. Lot's of paint and type.

I love this Word in Psalm 89: 1-4 Your love, God, is my song, and I'll sing it! I'm forever telling everyone how faithful you are. I'll never quit telling the story of your love— how you built the cosmos and guaranteed everything in it. Your love has always been our lives' foundation, your fidelity has been the roof over our world.
Tell me what you have all been up to? Jana and I will be spending some time in my little room today!

Love and a kiss


Anna-Marie Still said...

I've been being creative too for the past several days! Today I have to stop "creating for me" and focus on prepping for the class I'm teaching on Saturday! Everyone in my class will get to make 20 cards! That will be fun too - I'm just not wanting to break my creative flow, ya know?

Anyway, you can see a few of the layouts I posted and my new banner on my blog - just click on my name or the link in your sidebar!

Be sure to leave me a comment too! I'd love to know what you all think!

Have a great day!

me..... said...

Hi my friend. Such a beautiful pic of Jana. Enjoy ur day scrapping. I just finished the VAT. Going to bed early. Love ya lots

Sara said...

Good luck with the creative momentum! Mine seems to have come to an abrupt in town, preparing to move, etc. Oh well! I enjoy seeing your work- new and old! Thanks!

happydays525 said...

I've been on a little creative streak too! A bit tired though today, and my little one and hubby are sick with a nasty cold so that could have something to do with it...gotta give all those extra hugs and kisses ya know! :)

Love this layout! Have a wonderful day Wilna!

Vicky Kelly said...

LOVE that scripture, so beautiful!
That lo is fabulous :)

Andrea said...

Hi Wilna!!!

Sounds like you'll have an awesome day!!! Went shopping today, only groceries, but had lots of fun with my little ones!!!

Tomorrow we are having dinner guests and going to a Gospel meeting at our looking forward to that :)

God bless you!

longnecklady said...

Her cheeks are killing me. I love them!



Melissa said...

I have been scrapbooking about the relationship between my son and daughter. You would enjoy my most recent has TONS of journaling about this most important relationship. Also, you will enjoy a video from the TED conference by Rick Warren about "influence." You are one who is using your influence to enrich the lives of others.....
check it

Lynne said...

Wish i was having one of your days today. I am sitting at work all day and then going shopping - nothing too exciting unfortunately. BUT (and wohoo) i am off with my mom to a craft show on saturday. I plan to spend all day there - am so excited.

Have a great weekend and i love your blog by the way.

Liz Ness said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!