Friday, March 23, 2007


I was very busy these last 2 days. Not just scrap wise but I have been thinking about goals. I really want to start scrapbooking seriously within the next week or so. Believe it or not, but to scrapbook for a company/DT is not the same as to scrapbook for YOU. I need some fresh, new, inventive pages. Urgently!
Again, my first law of creativity is to believe in the process and I really believe that once I start to work, all that I have done these past weeks/months, will start showing up and helping! What I would do to get the creative juices going is what I call (in my head) 50 white pages. I would take while card stock and old/duplicate/not-so-nice pictures and old/duplicate/not-so-nice scrapbook stock and paint and bling and do 50 pages in 2-3 days. What comes out of that is usually not for public display but some pretty wonderful ideas. It's like brainstorming while actually making pages. Why this works for me is because all the pressure to perform is gone. These pages will not be published or showed... but I discover some new journaling options, new title possibilities and in the end it all show itself in the final work. Make sense?

Thanks to Barbara for sending me this tag!

The new Hall of Famers are announced!! Congrats to all of them. I hope this year is even more than you expected!

Here is the awesome little gift that Sally Davidson send me. It means sooo much to me! THANKS SALLY:

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The I always believe that saying "charity begins at home". So, when our Pastor (who we love and respect deeply) announced that he was going on a extended trip ministering the Word, I said to Jaku that I want to make him something special. To bless him in Word and deed! You can see them up there (the first picture). But you can view all of them HERE. I believe that he will be blessed! Who in your life, close to you, can do with a blessing? I love what 2 Cor 9 says: for God loves (He takes pleasure in, prizes above other things, and is unwilling to abandon or to do without) a cheerful (joyous, "prompt to do it") giver [whose heart is in his giving]. Just totally love this verse.

remember, you biggest goal in life is to be a blessing
be one!


caro said...

Thanks Wilna,
I needed to accept that, being a blessing, right now. Because I can't be in two places and somehow I should be, I'm going to pray for all those who are in Botswana at my Gran's funeral, while we stay home to get our kids healthy. Love is everywhere, blessings go where they're most needed.
lots of love

Sara said...

Hope you find the time and creative energy to get what you need done!

Sherelle said...

BEAUTIFUL stuff... I am loving all of the tags bound cute! I hope you are doing well...I check in often to see what you are up too!

Ingrid said...

hi wilna! hope you have a great weekend! thanx for being such a blessing to me & so many other people. just bought an MM 'show & tell' book today..... can't wait to get my hands/eyes on it. had a buzy day with teachers' class this morning and my girls had friends over playing here this afternoon, so I'm off to bed soon.... with my 'show&tell' book!!
love to you & your family - ingrid

Jan C. said...

Wilna, I just love the tags you made for your pastor. This reminds me of a ministry someone started anonymously at our church. She (I think it is a she, not sure) cuts greeting cards into bookmark-size strips and writes a scripture on each one, then hides them in the missalettes. I love finding one of these little gifts. The words send me out of church on a high note and give me something uplifting to think about all day. Hope your tags do the same for your pastor!

lisa stead said...

Those are so awesome Wilna! Too cool!

Who can I be a blessing to? I can think of many! But today I think mostly of my hubby and my precious kids! I have been so busy with things lately and I think the biggest blessing I could be to them would be to give them my time and attention.

Have a great day Wilna!!!

Patty S said...

what a great idea! i'll bet he will love it! :-)

Misty said...

Awesome tags Wilna - I'm sure your Pastor will love it and feel the love you put into it.

longnecklady said...

I think there is a common misconception about being a bleesing. I really think some people may think it tales extra work and energy. If it's who you are then it comes naturally and every little thing you do or say can be a blessing to someone. It just needs to be a lifestyle. Does that make sense to you. It's late, I'm very tired, but it makes sense in my head.



Andrea said...

Hi Wilna ~ You tags are just beautiful...your Pastor will love them! i love the sheep, "bah" one :) Have a blessed weekend!!!

Dale Anne said...

I'm tag is on my blog:

LOVE this mini book you made for your pastor!

Jana said...

WOW, I love the 50 basic pages in 2-3 days idea!

melissa said...

Wilna, What a blessing you are to your pastor. What a joy for him to know that you two are part of God's provision for him as you pray and encourage him.

Liz Ness said...

What a great idea and gift. What a wonderful passage, too! I just love you and your are so sincere and cheerful and motivating! Thanks Wilna, always!

Kimberly White said...

What a wonderful gift! I had a friend who gave me a gift like that when my Grandma died - it was so uplifting and encouraging! Glad you have such a wonderful church and pastor! Kim