Monday, March 19, 2007

Just to clarify...

hee-hee. Still lovin' those cutie-pie-tags! Here is my tag! A few of you already have it in your inbox! A few exciting things happening today... the new Hall of Famers are being called at the moment and also the IDOLS voting are open. I had such a difficult time deciding about who to vote for!!

OK... just you know what's up on my blog this week... Everyone who sends me a tag by Wednesday midnight name will go into the hat and one of them will win a stunning Making Memories Show and Tell book. I will draw the name on Thursday!

The tags is also in a photo album for you to enlarge them and look at them. Feel free to post the link on your blogs... sort of spreading the love around! The link is HERE. If you click on my tag in my sidebar, it will take you to the album.

Then everyday this week I will be giving little RAKS away. Just some sweet and cute and cuddly little things that will make you smile if you open the box.

Happy tag making!


Andrea said...

i got my tag!!! thank you so much...i love it :)

Littleone's Scrapbook Journal said...

I got mine too, I love how you tore the picture. I tried writing on mine-I had to go to the computer, it looked awful, you always make yours cool. I guess I will have to practice more!!

jacqui said...

Hi Wilna

Thanks for my tag. What a nice gift to find in my inbox when I logged in this morning.


Kimberly White said...

Loving the tags! It's amazing how everyone is unique and makes such a beautiful piece of art! Thanks for sharing yours Wilna! Have a wonderful day! Kim

Adele said...

Hi Wilna,

I have sent you my tag, but forgot to add my blog-

You are so inspiring, thankyou for your kindness and warmth.

love Adele.

caro said...

Hello again from the south end of Africa,

just surfaced from two weeks of sick kids (in hospital) so it's loveley to see your fresh TAGS.
Am window shopping only - hopefully soon back to scrapping!


priya said...

Hi Wilna,

Still ooooohhhhing and aaahhhhhing after seeing the wonderful tags in the tittle. Couldnt spot the 'n' though, was helped at it be my son. He spotted it!

Enjoying the 'eye candy'.

Jan C. said...

All of the tags are really making me want to see more work from the other ladies. It is amazing how many different styles and techniques of scrapping are out there just waiting to be enjoyed and explored!

Michelle M said...

I'm loving all the tags. Lots of great ideas, just haven't had time to do one myself.

Sara said...

Love your tag! Thanks for getting us all creatively excited. :)

Lynne said...


I happened to find your blog while doing some blog surfing. I love it - what an inspiring blog. I will definately be back to visit.

lisa stead said...

Wow I love your new banner! Too cool! I went and is there some amazing talent in this competition! It's getting really hard to choose.

And wow, look at all the beautiful tags you have received! There's some more talented people on this site haha!

Everywhere I look is surrounded by talent!

Anyways, back from Victoria...great conference...i'm still pooped though haha! Been super busy as they launched a bunch of promos while there...eventually my life will slow down (I tell myself this however, I know it's a fib hehe).

Hope you're having a great day!!!

happydays525 said...

I love your tag Wilna! Thanks for sending me one! :)

albenton said...

Thanks for my tag!! :D

longnecklady said...

Love the journaling on your tag!