Friday, March 9, 2007

The seed for a great miracle...

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Lies not in difficulty, but impossibility.

I watched this movie yesterday that Maryna send me all the way from South Africa. I watched it twice yesterday. I am so touched. I am so, so, so inspired. This is amazing. Beautiful. Deep. About faith. About faithfulness. Faith like potatoes. A true story. I remember (after I watched the movie) one morning very long ago, I saw Angus Buchan on television telling a little of his story and I cried. Well, I cried again. You can order it here.

I loved the South African landscapes, the beauty of the people. I really was homesick for a while. What a beautiful story. Heartbreakingly beautiful.

I want to have faith like potatoes.
I hope you do to


Ingrid said...
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Andrea said...

Wow Wilna...that looks so amazing!!! TFS!

longnecklady said...

I've never heard of this movie. Is it too intense for kids?


caro said...

RAW,BLUNT,HONEST,a wonderful human story of a good man, a loving wife and their family growing as they follow their faith.
Very true to rural life in SA, in those days.

Evoked many emotions for us.
I would suggest you watch it first, to see if your younger kids will cope with the life issues. You won't mind watching it twice.

Wilna, am trying to find out about a "sequel" about Angus in his later life, will let u know.

Worth the experience.

Lisa G said...

I will have to get this movie for me and my cousin. It looks great! I would prefer a 2 pager, I am not too crazy about mini albums but I can see how it would probably be a more popular class. Well maybe I would like an album class, from you, of course ;)

RN4JCHRIST said...

Cool Wilna, thanks for the recommendation on the movie!

Laura Solomon said...

Wilna- I wish I could get this movie in the US. hey say it is only shipping in South Africa :>/
xox Laura Solomon