Saturday, April 7, 2007

House weekend...

If you read my blog often, you know by now how much I love my home and how much I love being at home. So yesterday was like heaven. Jaku took the girls shopping for three hours and I got to make 6 scrapbook pages for This is one of them. The April kit is not yet available but will be shortly. The thing that I love with kits is that it's not necessary paper that I would have bought for me, but because it's there, I use it and in the process love it. Love this beautiful girl.

So, today I am working on my last post for the MM IDOL blog and doing a page for it. Also, I am writing some addresses on wedding invitations for one of my friends.

I am so excited about this scrap in style TV site!! I am a fashionista!! (that's what the design team is called) I think what appealed to me to enter for the design team, is that it's compatible with my vision for scrapbooking. (which is in essence complex and simple at the same time!)

This week coming, we are traveling to North Battleford for a dance competition and then Edmonton for fun. I am taking my laptop with me to update the blog and to keep on top of the emails. Ok, I am off scrapping. Have a wonderful weekend!!


longnecklady said...

Have a great Easter and a fun weekend!



me..... said...

Have a blessed Passover my friend. Love ya tons

Sara said...

Lovely layout...just beautiful. Have a wonderful Easter Sunday!

Liz Ness said... glad you've had such a great day. Have a great weekend and a blessed and happy Easter!

Ben said...

happy easter to you and your family wilna
sarah x

caro said...

Travel safely you guys, distances are huge there...
A Blessed Easter to all of you. We had a sunrise service today at Benoni Lake, beautiful. If only every day could start so FRESH and New.

PS Please recommend that the name for scrap in style TV isn't used as an abbreviation. You know. All the best for the new venture.

Jenny said...

Happy Easter and WTG being selected for the Scrap in Style DT!

happydays525 said...

I LOVE this layout Wilna! I love the colors and the balance of all the elements used...very nice!

Congrats on becoming a fashionista! What a fun title! :)

Theresa Tyree said...

I pray Tia does well on her recital!