Saturday, May 19, 2007

Inspirations for the weekend...

So, on SIS there is a board for inspirations and things. I bookmarked a few and thought to share them with you!
*Want to see scrapbook sketches?
* Like orange?
* Fab finds and more...
* Some photo inspiration!!
* a little Keri Smith is always good
* so is a little SABRINA
* You can spend hours and hours here
* YUM. just eye candy!!
* More photography to inspire
* Please Color my world
* Just AWWWWWWW!!!!
* How's this for ART??

ENJOY these!!!


Jamie said...

Thanks girl, these are all great and all in one place:)

Melissa Salomón said...

Wilna, That was a fun little jaunt! Inspiration is to be had in many unexpected places....
Melissa S.

Kim F 267 said...

Loved all of these links. Thank you for sharing them.

Maggie said...

Wow fantastic links
How are you? I just discovered your wonderful blog.
I wanted to let you know we have a number of tutorials on hybrid
You can find them here

Have a great day!

maryna said...

my sweet friend. just so you know, engela de villies is critically ill in hospital in PTA. they suspected it to be an anurism(no idea how to spell that). will let you know what up, as we find out.. love ya, me