Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's my party...

and I can RAK if I want to! And I wanna give something away that is incredibly dear to me, changed my life, continue to feed and direct me, gives me joy, makes me free, cuts and touches my heart. Something that ease and relieve and refreshes me.
It's a pocket edition of the Amplified Bible. One exactly like the one I have had for years and carries with me where ever I go. That's all dog eared and a little weathered with use and travel.

SO, if you want this very special little random act of kindness, please leave me a comment telling me when is it YOUR birthday and what's your favorite thing to do on your birthday. I will draw a name tomorrow. This will be to me, the most special gift I have ever given away here.

Blessings and love


Joyous said...

:) I could go for a new Bible! My birthday is April 5th, and I love me some DQ ice cream cake! :)

DeniseLynn said...

Hello Wilna! My birthday is on July 27th and my favorite thing to do on my birthday is to send my mother flowers ... because after all, without all of HER hours of labor it would not be MY birthday!

happydays525 said...

Hey Wilna, it's me! My dd's birthday is actually today, she's three...can hardly believe it. Mine is the 15th of November. Glad to see you around in blog-land a bit more again! :)


VexedAngel said...

My birthday is on Thursday, actually. June 21, the first day of summer--and I turn 29--eek! :-)

My favorite thing to do on my birthday? I don't know... I think having dinner with friends is just about the best memory--so many different friends throughout the years, and it's so sweet knowing they wanted to get together with me on my special day. :-)

Jessica said...

Hi Wilna! What a great way to celebrate! My birthday is June 1 and my favorite thing to do on my birthday or should I say not do is no cooking or cleaning! It's the only day I can not do anything productive and not feel guilty --Okay maybe on Mother's Day too!

Kim Ross said...

Happy birthday, Wilna! :) Hope your day is wonderful! My birthday is December 9th, and I like to eat seafood on my birthday (and every day!).

Sharon said...

Happy birthday, Wilna! Hope you had a great time with your friends at coffee. My birthday is Sept 13 and my favorite thing is to have my family cook me supper.

jacqui said...

Happy Birthday Wilna!!! My birthday is April 10. My favourite thing to do on my birthday is go out and have coffee with my mom and friends (2 sep coffee dates) and then have my hubby surprise me with supper. I also cherish the handmade cards my 2 little girls make for me each year. They are 4 & 7. Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wilna,
My birthday is April 28th and my favourite thing to do is spend it with the people I love most - my family. We don't have to do anything special just as long as they're all with me.
Lesley Otto
SA Scrapper

Lynne said...

Happy Birthday Wilna. My birthday is September 11 and my favourite thing to do is spend time with family and friends. I always have lasagnia and chocloate mouse for dinner on my birthday. Hope that you had a great day.

Lisa said...

Happy (belated!) Birthday, Wilna!
Hope your day was special. =) My b-day is Feb. 4 and I love having cake for breakfast with my family before everyone goes their own way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wilna
Weer 'n keer - geluk met jou verjaarsdag gister.
Ek verjaar 19 Augustus, en ek het 'n paar gunsteling-dinge:
- om saam met my vriendinne uit te gaan vir koffie&koek
- om saam met Fritz uit te gaan vir 'n spesiale ete
- en (ek is nie skaam daaroor nie!) om geskenke oop te maak - ek's MAL daaroor!!!

Juel said...

My birthday is September 9 and my favorite thing to do on my birthday is to just find a special quiet place for myself.

Anonymous said...

Hi WIlna, Happy three-six!

I'm truly thrilled to see which Bible it is that you use!

My Birthday is April 2nd, 2 minutes after april fool's day, according to my mom.
In our house, the birthday person gets sung awake with the family's cards and a cuppa. I LOVE that part of the day...

Thinking of you

Caro said...

o, that message above this one is from me in JHB...


serendscrappity said...

Hi and hope you had a perfect day.
My birthday is 27th April and I love spending time with my family and friends and getting a whole lot of calls and sms's. I get an extra bonus here in S.A because it is a public holiday!!!


Anonymous said...


How are doing? Again, Happy Birthday. I celebrate my birthday this Monday, June 25th and I will be turning 31yrs. Anyway, My husband and I are Youth Pastors for our church, it has now been exactly a year. As a youth pastor's wife, I am still trying to find where I can best help. I am still trying to find myself in the ministry and I am always up to reading anything that will help and feed me and direct me into what God has in plan for me.

Jennifer De Los Santos

MonaS! said...

Hope its not too late. My birthday is September 15 and I LOVE to spend my birthday with my kids. They make such a big deal of it. They wrap their dearest treasures and give them to me for my birthday. They shower me with soooo much love that I just feel like the most special woman in the world.

Kimberly White said...

My birthday is July 9 and I love to have friends over for a barbeque and a fire pit. Hope you have a wonderful day!
PS> I have 2 amp Bibles so please take my name out so it will go to someone who doesn't have one! I love my AMPLIFIED Bible! It is the one I read all the time and write in and get fed by!

Theresa Tyree said...

Hi there!
I hope you had a wonderful birthday! My birthday is April 7th. This coincides with CKC-St. Louis. So for the past two years, I've celebrated my birthday by indulging myself at the convention. Nothing better than shopping for scrappin stuff with my best girlfriends. PS- you don't have to give me anything. I'm blessed to have you as a friend.

Anilu Magloire said...

Happy birthday and I love the banner!

lisa stead said...

Wilna I hope you had an awesome birthday!!! I wish I coulda been there! Instead I was at my u/s, which I won't complain about cause the babies are doing awesome and growing like they should and are both head down now. The doc says they are looking great, so that's good news all around! But still I wish I coulda had some tea with you haha, and I hope you had an awesome day all around!

(PS bday is Feb 28 and probably hanging out with my family is the funnest thing for me to do...going for a nice supper :D)

Anonymous said...

Nov. 14 ...I love just hanging out with my family and friends... :)

SusanH said...

This is the best giveaway ever! I may have to go find a copy - I'm feeling a need lately and something like this would be a shove in the right direction!! My birthday is in August and I always have dinner out with my family and a couple of close friends. That just hits the spot!

mommy g said...

march 5...going to the cheesecake factory with my husband and kids or geeting an icecream cake from coldstone...yummy!!

Mrs. Wizzle said...

Hi: Happy Birthday to you. I share the same birthday month as you 9th but am just a bit older. Ha ha. My birthday gift this year was gong to the spring fling at Just Scrap It in Saskatoon. It was so much fun. Meeting you was part of the enjoyment.

Tea with friends sounds like fun. My favorite thing is getting phone calls and emails and cards.

I am not worried about the RAK. Just wanted to say Happy, happy birthday to a wonderful lady.

Jan Connair said...

Hi Wilna. I already have an Amplified Bible, so don't put my name in the drawing. Just wanted to say happy b'day. Mine is Sept. 7, and it makes me happy on my birthday if someone else bakes my birthday cake and I don't have to do it!!!

Roslyn said...

I think I'm too late... but wanted to share anyway! My birthday is on July 2 (39 this year!) and I like to write a journal entry on my birthday, just saying what is new in my life since the last birthday, what/how I'm feeling, hopes and dreams for the new year. Always fun to look back at past entries.
I also like to be pampered a bit by my family and my darling daughters go all out now and make sure DH does too!!! Breakfast in bed, a special dinner, time to relax, etc.

Hope you had a special day this year!

Karen said...

Hi Wilna... my birthday is January 26. January always seemed like such a dreary month (Canadian winters), so my kids and husband always look forward to planning something for my birthday. In the last years, now that we have two little grandbabies in the clan, my adult kids come by and cook a very special supper. This last birthday, my d-i-l orchestrated the gift (a Cricket -we share a love of scrapbooking) and my favorite part, is to sit back and watch them love each other, and work on this supper with loving hands, as a team. My husband is the chief cook.

My mom always phones me the night before my birthday to tell me 'our story': labour pains, birth and after-happiness! Cool huh, and I'm 49 years!

Love your blog and your daily inspiration. You're definately a kindred spirit both spiritually and in scrapbooking.

Have a great summer!

purplegirl said...

Hi Wilna,
My birthday is March 28 and my favorite thing to do for my birthday is to go out for sushi and Starbucks...followed later by watching some funny movies. I already have an amplified bible but I'd love a pocket size one!

G'night Gracie said...

Hi Wilna,
My brithday is May 4th and I'll be 40 next year. Ouch! My favorite thing to do on my birthday is have dinner with my dearest friends from high school. Our meetings are few and far between, so I look forward to this every year!

Have a great day.