Sunday, June 17, 2007

me and my blog...

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This is the reason why I blog. I have the three most beautiful girls in the world. They give me joy, the make me laugh out loud. They remind me to play. to trust. To NOT take life so serious. They love me unconditionally. They call me beautiful and princess. I love their beautiful noise. I love their innocence. Their uncompromising faith and trust. I love them to bits.

And yes. Me and my blog are at it again. I am changing and enjoying the mindless hours. I want to do a few new things, so please let me know if there is a link you always used but disappeared. I just wanted a 3 column blog and just update and make new a little.

Talk soon
Love and a kiss


Liz Ness said...

Welcome back, Wilna! Love your photo of your adorable and sweet. Clearly, they are your children!

Also, HUGS! Seems like maybe you should have a few, so I'm sending them your way. Take care, you!


Jenny said...

Your girls are beautiful!

Kelly said...

I love this picture of your three sweets - they are so precious and well-behaved!!!!! What amazing little girls!

Kimberly White said...

What wonderful girls! And your blog is good! Have a fabulous day! Kim

me..... said...

HI there my friend. Your girls are getting more beautiful by the day. Love ya tons. e

lisa stead said...

That is a beautiful pic! And I agree...I think your girls are beautiful too!!!