Friday, June 29, 2007

something from 21 years ago...

Can't believe I am that old. Discovered this on YouTube and even though I am not really into secular music, this brought back some fabulous memories. This song must hold the record for one of my longest standing favorite songs!


caro said...

O yes!
I hear my old bells ringing too,

varsity years - good times - fun to hear again

enjoy your weekend

caro said...

hello & good evening!

wonderful surprise - my postcard from Vancouver arrived today!

so pretty in the picture
I LOVE that place, and it was a treat to get handwritten mail.

thanks Wilna

Lisa stead said...

Hmm I've never heard of that song...but if it's 80's I'm sure Mike has...he thinks ALL 80's songs are classics LOL...drives me nuts!

Hope you're having a good day!!

Anonymous said...

goeie, OU, herinneringe, van my Std 5 jaar! Daai dans'moves' was so IN!!
ook een van my gunstelinge of all times.

kerry lynn said...

look at that hair and those shoulder pads. ahh.... the songs of my youth too wilna!

Colleen E said... OMD (and most 80's British bands)...espec. So In Love. Thanks!