Tuesday, July 24, 2007

CHA part 1

I will start with this. Even though it was the last night. We did a wonderful scrapbook challenge (you will have to wait for the webisode to see) and this is the few who played with the completed pages. I LOVE these girls. we stayed at Diane's house in the Northern suburbs and what a gorgeous place. There was more than enough room for all of us. Jeanette (JJ) seriously was amazing and all the fashionista's was so kind and warm and we all had a fantastic time for 5 days. Another highlight for me was meeting Becky Higgins again... after 3 years. While I was still living in South Africa, I made a her a little mini album about her trip to South Africa and I held on to it for 3 years and after I found out that she will be attending CHA, I packed it in and I had a chance of giving it to her. What a special moment it was for me and for her. I also met some HOF girls from my class and even though I met them for the first time, it felt as if I knew them for ever. I also met CD and what an awesome person!!! So warm and kind. Just LOVE her.

I will post some more pictures tomorrow... just waiting for all the fashionista's to upload some and then I will tell you more about them.

Talk soon


longnecklady said...

how incredibly fun!



longnecklady said...

I meant :) at the end.


Liz Ness said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Love the photos!

Jana said...

Yay, I'm so excited to finally see some CHA pics!! I'm so happy you had a wonderful time in Chicago, I was hoping that you would!!!! Have any more pics to share? *hint hint*

kerry lynn said...

lub and miss you wilna!!

caro said...

couldn't wait to hear the news! So glad you had a great time.

welcome back TOOO.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wilna,
So glad to have you back home!
Love you,

me..... said...

Glad you are back - missed your inspirational messages

michelle raMirez said...

it was so great meeting you and your special self Wilna!!!

Andrea said...

So stalking for part 2!!!!
Love everything :D

caro said...


hello Wilna -
just heard that I can join in your class at the expo

roll on september!!!!

Jody said...

Meeting you enriched my life. From the first words you spoke, from the first hug we shared...you have left an imprint on my heart. Forever. I cannot buy such a gift. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


lisa stead said...

You look like you had an amazing time!

Kimberly White said...

so glad you had fun Wilna! Kim

Maryna said...

my friend i burst out in tears when i saw you and Becky! i remember sitting there when you made this album. i remember wrapping it, i remember.. i also remember the prayer, to never have to mail it, but to be able to hand it over to her one day.. isn't God amazing, faithfull, kind, generous, He gives us EVERY desire of our hearts.
i love you and am so proud of you.