Saturday, September 22, 2007


I am sorry, but if this is only for me to watch and crack myself up, it's ok. This is just fantastic. The first video is probably one of our favorite breakfast restaurants in South Africa. If I am not mistaken, I hear a little Tree63 music (the song treasure) at the end.

the second video will let you gasp for air. Seriously amazing. I.could.not.imagine. ever.doing.that.goosebumps.all.the.way.down.

then this last movie is about the person with the biggest heart in the world. I LOVE you girl!! I made this one myself and am very proud of it!



Anonymous said...

hi wilna
ek's mal oor jou movies! elkeen is 'n treffer in eie reg!
liefde - ingrid

Maryna said...

hey my friend!! movies are all great, i'm a little partial to the last one!!
you are amazing.. just incase no one tells you today!!
love ya