Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Flowers and organic apples...

these two items you can always find in my home. I recently discovered jonagold apples and it's BY FAR the most delicious apples I have ever had. YUM! I also made a new habit of having an apple with my coffee. I would sit down and with a pocket knife I peel and quarter the apple. I mean, it's way better than having cake with coffee. Now Jaku refers to me having coffee-apples. Love that. In our household I buy jonagold apples for me, granny smith apples for him and gala for the kids. Never a shortage of apples here.

These pretty roses I got this morning. I always have flowers in my house. It makes me happy every time I look at it. And when I throw them out it feels empty in here.

I always love reading the comments I get. In fact, I check my blog often during the day to hear what some has to say. But I have to say seldom have comments touched my heart so much as those I got yesterday. From the first one to the last and my ultimate favorite was the one form Jaku. He. is. too. sweet. I giggle sometimes that he have to read my blog to know what I am about. I don't tell him everyday that I love flowers and apples. and what I did in iPhoto yesterday... he would often only find out if he reads it here. funny.

Speaking of iPhoto... I got it. No, not newly got it but that AHA! moment when the greater comprehension dawns and you are like... YAY!! that sort of get. I have been plying in iPhoto for a year now and only yesterday I sat down and read tutorials, help files and everything I could lay my eyes on. And I sorted my pics and keyword all 5443 of them. All this because I want to have it done before I upgrade to iLife 08. The new iPhoto is going to be one killer applications. I will get iLife 08 with the new Leopard operating system. (if you can, watch the introduction video... it seriously rocks) Yes, I am the girl who buys MACworld magazine... and read it in bed like a novel. Sorry.

Then this morning I am browsing through my iTunes library and it just irritated me that I don't have album art for all my CD's. So I got the brainwave and dragged some scrapbook pages into my iTunes. If you look at the image you will see there is a spot in the bottom left hand corner of iTunes for album art. out of iPhoto, I just dragged my scrapbook page to that spot and VIOLA! This a screen shot so I can show you! I am so impressed with myself.
So, after this heavy techy post, I will share with you such a gorgeous word that I read this morning...Psalm 27: 4 I'm asking God for one thing, only one thing: To live with him in his house my whole life long. I'll contemplate his beauty; I'll study at his feet.

Have a GREAT day.
love and a kiss


caro said...

O Wilna, how lovely. The simplicity that is possible with our Heavenly father.

That I may ignore the clutter of everyday...

Hope your half-saturday (Wednesday)is good too. LOL

Jacki Janse van Rensburg said...

i read your comments too. i mean the people that comment on your posts. i think it makes it so much more interactive and interesting. when people tell me they visited my blog, or if i see that i had hits, but no comments, i am so disappointed! it's like someone came to visit me, and i was not home. although i blog as much for myself as for anyone else, therapy and all that, it also feels that if someone comments, the effort i made is validated. that is why i try to comment on your blog often. to remind you that i appreciate your effort, and i love what you do, and i am interested in what you think.

Jacki Janse van Rensburg said...

Wilna, again!
i have a 21 year old son at university. he blogs too. i sometimes pop into his blog. it feels a little like i found his diary under his pillow and i shouldn't be reading it, but he doesn't mind. and it is amazing how much i learn about him this way. i am sad for his fears, amused by his anecdotes, and proud of his depth of character and his amazing writing skills.
i realise that i know more about your daily life and your deepest thoughts, than i know about my sisters... and thank you for the daily scripture, i love that!

happydays525 said...

Hey there Wilna, you should try Honey Crisp apples sometime too...they are SO good!!! Beautiful flowers, always love reading what you have to say or find out a bit of what's going on in your life. Thanks for that! =)

Also, a tad bit off topic...I know that you used to have a "help" blog and was wondering if you still have that and if you offer help on obtaining the infamous three column blog for blogger? Just curious, as I would love to know how to do that. If not, that's alright, I understand you are uber busy!!

Have a wonderful day!


Liz Ness said...

Oh Wilna! I haven't been "getting out" much lately. But, when I do, it is always such a treat to come here. Love your post (today and yesterday). Also, I'm so with you on the gets washed, sits, gets washed again, sits (a little less), then gets dried. Thanks for the reminder that, "It's okay."


homedaisy said...

what bible do you use? i love the way your scriptures read. i must get one.

Anonymous said...

Hi my friend. Cyberspace is eating my faces.. :-), Love ya

Maryna said...

hi daar!! it's me and Louise, we just checking out what youz are up to and as always, we're inspired and in awe of youz!! we love you and miss you

René Real said...

Hi there Wilna!

You did it again! You quoted the scripture I needed today! Thanks for that! Even though we only met once (SA Scrapbook Convention) and you might not even remember fact I know you won't, I feel that you came into my life for a reason! I am sooooooo inspired by you and your blog! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Jy eet jou gesonde appels, ek sit met my tee en die blik beskuit op my skoot!!