Saturday, October 6, 2007

Hallo Jaku!!!

I really hope you are ok and almost at your destination. Technically you traveled through our night even if it's late afternoon there. I love you and Jana is crying over you and I tell her no, we bless daddy with a fantastic time and lots of good things. Then she is ok. She started calling Tia "Tootsie" but I solidly put a stop to that. I mean seriously.

So, know that we bless you and pray for you and all you have to do is have a great time. And bring back presents. snort. Leave me a comment and I will know you are ok.

I big fuffy blinking red heart love you.


caro said...

Go Bokke!!!

me..... said...

Have an awesome time - enjoy your trip. Onthou om vir die regte span te skreeu....En Wilna, have a wonderful bonding time with your girls - not often you girls have girly time

Anonymous said...

Who would have gussed that Australia and New Zeeland would be out of the world cup?
I nearly had heart failure watching the bokke play against Fiji - thank goodness they pulled through!!
I am sure that Jakus is having the time of his life - wish I could be there to see the Bokke win!!!

caro said...

Yeah Bokke! Phew...