Saturday, October 20, 2007

The world cup is OURS!!!!!!!!!


Our team playing in the final of the World cup rugby. AND WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sophia, you won the RAK. His randomness picked number 23. Please email me!! YAY!!




caro said...

And it's the TIME!!!

it's been a truly wonderful scene today, even the woolies cashiers wore springbok rugby jerseys at work today...
every car, and virtually taxi, was driven by a man in green.
flags galore, on houses, pick-ups.
MOST of all SMILES in abundance.

SO we are already happy.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful was that?
I think we are going to be on a high for a long time!!

caro said...

can't resist sharing the total euphoria of a NATION!

so very proud of these boys. it was titanic"colossal", a BATTLE, but in the end, the rainbow people needed it the most.

AMA bokke you did good, and we are so glad you thanked our Father publicly. If this is was sport can do to a people... He is the winner!

Jenny said...

It was wonderful watching it Down Under too

Sophia said...

I must say it was a proud moment last night for everyone here in SA, our boys did us proud...WELL DONE BOKKE!!!

On that winning streak, glad to see I won the RAK..YAY

THANKS so much Wilna.