Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hello world!

So, yesterday I took down our Christmas tree. In a desperate attempt to unclutter my house and also to stop the onslaught of Christmas eating. HA! I think I am going to win this battle. We had a wonderful restful Christmas. One of the highlight gifts was the Planet earth DVD's I gave to Jaku. We spend some hours in total AWE of God and how immaculate He created the earth. It's so beautiful it will leave you speechless. Seriously.

Then THANK YOU to all of you who told me their menu's for Christmas. I was so fascinated when I read them! The winners are JAN (9:26pm) and NATALIE (10:28pm). Please email me so I can post your books !!

Go and have a look at the Making Memories blog... I did a very functional page on how to scrapbook all those zillion Christmas pictures!

funny videosI want to encourage you to start praying for 2008 and to ask God what are His plans and purposes for YOU for 2008! Also, I already know my word for 2008 (it's 2 actually)... so start thinking about that too. I am making a page today on my thoughts and prayers for 2008. I will post it on January 1st. Who of you want to join me in making a page all about yourself and your goals and dreams for 2008? Then I will create a online gallery and we can all show our pages there. This is NOT a talent competition but a way to get serious about life and your future. I will draw a name of all those who join the fun and make a page and that person will WIN a rak! Now you even have a little motivation!! Let me know who wants to play! This page here is an example I did in 2005.

Love and a kiss

ps... the above picture was taken with my Apple's Photo booth. I just changes the effects. It's never been easier to take a self portrait!


caro said...

Hi Wilna!

I would love to join your 'new year's resolutions challenge'.

It's one of the real benefits of this hobby, how committing to writing makes it REAL.

Enjoy this lull in the year - a time a reflection....
All the best,

Dawn said...

I am still deciding what my word will be. Thank you for the challenge.

Leigh said...

Hi Wilna!

Yes please, I would love to join your challenge! I was just thinking of the year ahead and feeling a wee bit afraid... I always do and I think the challenge will be perfect so I can refocus and remember that God is so in control!

You are truly an inspiration to me Wilna


paola said...

Wilna, hi I will do my best to fullfil the challenge,hhmm you got me thinking..Oh by the way I like your new banner,,

Andrea said...

Wilna I would love to particiapte!!! Going to start it tomorrow :D

jackie janse van rensburg said...

don't know if i'll make it before new year, but i am on a roll scrapping wise, so who knows. i've scrapped quite a bit these last 2 weeks. finished some convention and other pages, and made some new ones. wow, it's sooo satisfying!

i just wanted to say, welcome back. i missed you! a week without wilma is like a week without sunshine...

Juel said...

Count me in and I will do my best.

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. I haven't really given much thought to what I would like to accomplish or experience in 2008, and I definitely have not prayed about it! Why it has not occurred to me to pray about it, I don't know, but I suppose that is why I keep coming back and visiting your blog so often. You are not afraid to let God into your life, nor to encourage all of us to let him into ours. I want to thank you for that! I'll see what kind of a layout I can come up with.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wilna
I'd like to participate. Thanx for the inspiration. Yes, God is using you to remind me (and a whole lot of other people) to PRAY about our goals for 2008. Thank you so much, and thank you Lord Jesus for using Wilna!
Love, ingrid

3QTGUYS said...

Ok, I wanna play! I am gonna do my best! Looking forward to 2008. 2007 has brought many blessings!

kerry lynn said...

what a wonderful idea wilna!
i'm totally on board!

Anonymous said...

I'm on board too!! Would love to try this....silly questions word??? for the year??? not sure if I understand..Thnks

Bre~Wiebe said...

count me in!!!

Sharmaine said...

ok, so I loVe your blog!!
Ok, so Magpie told me to come enter your challenge, so here I am lol. Will email you :)
Going to bloglines your blog so I can read more and be back :)