Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I had an afternoon nap today.

And it was bliss. It snowed sometime during the night ... seems like all the snow in the whole world landed on our little town today. Tomorrow I will be doing santa's bit and I will be relieved if all the shopping is done. YAY!
I am reading this book at the moment. It's an Afrikaans book and it's full of reminiscence and nostalgia. And LOTS of laughs. LOTS.

Now I am going to bake some cookies. For my little boxes that's so sweet you will NOT believe it. I will show you next time.
This is my page for today. I am loving Sarah's 12 days of Christmas challenges. LOVE IT!!!!

Sweet thoughts to you.
Hi Maryna. Hi Erika. Hi Andrea G. (just wanted to say)
Love Wilna


Maryna said...

i'm first, i'm first, ahah ahah, i'm doing the little dance, see me, dancing, shaking my little booty!! i'm first, i'm first.. oh wait, i'm probably suppose to say something meaningfull to you, hey.. wilna, you are the stuff!!
i'm your BIGGEST fan!

caro said...

haai daar!

that book looks so REAL. I think of that "stuff" as our culture, and am gathering ideas to do some pages on that. (eg. naartjies=mandarin, shweshwe fabric, strelitzia's, Eina! vs Eish!, I could go on & on)
But yes, it is where our sense of humour lies, and thankfully we can laugh at ourselves.

Page 4, had me gasping! you do beautiful so easily. TFS.

Lynne said...

I cant wait to see your box's for those cookies - please oh please do not forget to show us them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wilna
Ek's mal oor bladsy 3 en 4! Het gister, terwyl ons besig was om klas aan te bied, gou vinnig op jou blog gaan kyk (eintlik probeer "skelm" kyk, dat niemand my sien nie), en toe loop Jakkie in (my vriendin wat EINTLIK die klas aangebied het), en toe sien sy jou Kersboompies. En raai wat, toe laat sy 'n student (ook al 'n vriendin, Anna-Marie) dit daar-en-dan maak op haar Desember-bladsy vd kalender waarmee sy besig was!! Glo jy sal nie omgee nie.
Mis jou sommer baie, en verlang na jou. Wens so jy het nader gebly!! Maar dankie tog vir tegnologie.

Littleone's Scrapbook Journal said...

Your first 4 pages look great!!

me again said...

Love ya tons.... :-)