Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thank you Making Memories!

Look what I got yesterday! It's a Scrapbook carousel. I don't think anyone could have given me a better Christmas gift. The kids went taboganing with the school today and now we are home and they are cold and wet. They also have a little break from school and dance and that spells "time" for me. I think I am going to lock myself in my scrapbook room and scrapbook all day. It really feels like Friday to me. This is going to be a long weekend!!

Love and a kiss


paula clare said...

Hi Wilna!
I was eyeballing the carousel at my local scrapbook shop (Archivers) and wondering if it was as handy as it appeared...well...IS IT????

DeniseLynn said...

Oh how blessed you are! I saw it while shopping with my mom and I pointed and shouted like a little kid - "Mom that is what I want for christmas!" OK keep in mind I'm grown with my own children ... she smiled and said, "oh really, well maybe Santa will get one for you because it sure would look great in your studio!' Woohoo I love that mom of mine. Now we'll see if she gets me one. *wink*

Anonymous said...

Oooohhhh--I've had my eye on the carousel for months now. You lucky thing, you!

Kimberly White said...

Have fun locked in your room! What a lovely gift from MM! Have a very Merry Christmas Wilna! Kim

paola said...

Lucky you! Isn't it wonderful getting unexpected gifts in the mail? I'm sure it's well deserved!
Enjoy, its great when one can get organized..

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky!

Merry Christmas!