Monday, December 31, 2007


It's Monday 31st December. The last day of the year and I am lying in bed. I am having the weirdest symptoms with no energy , no appetite and a constant nausea on the pit of my stomache. Oh and did I mention cold and hot chills? Double UGH!! Jana is sitting next to me like a little shadow - that's a huge comfort.
So, I have faith that I will be feeling better any moment now and then I will finish my page. If yours is finish... please email me an image and I will start posting the online gallery. I am sure that will cheer me up in no uncertain terms.

A friend emailed me this link. watch the little video...I am so getting involved.



DeniseLynn said...

Wilna ... oh my goodness, I sure hope you feel better soon. I'm with you girl. I mean really, I have basically the same thing without the nausea part. I am up and dragging myself through the day, trying to care for the little ones. God will guide us through this even if it's not a very good way to finish up the year. *wink* Hang in there - I'm praying for you.

PS I don't have all the computer stuff to play along with the page thing but I am so inspired by you - I am promising myself to get back to journaling in 2008 (something i've had on hold). I will create pages and art, I just won't be able to share it with you that's all.

Happy New Year!

Jan said...

Rats! Waking up sick is no fun. At least you can say it is the last time you will be sick in 2007! Hope you feel better real soon.

caro said...

O so sorry, to hear that you're unwell. Have you considered malaria?
It very weird to start the year like that, I did once, when I was expecting W,and I overextended myself doing the party preparations.... all's well, ended well.
Bless you again