Sunday, January 6, 2008

a little help for my friends...

*No, I did not take this picture. My friend Adrienne Looman did and she is giving a fabulous photography online class... see more information here. *Then, another friend of mine Courtney is doing a very uniue project for the year. Be inspired for 52 weeks. *Sarah, my other good friend and a huge inspiration to me is doing a best of me challenge. *Kerry Lynn Yeary are one of those people who's gallery can keep you busy for hours. I admire her work in excess. She is doing a soldering 101 class. Just because she is so good at it.

Then as you can see, in my right side bar I have a little poll going for a class I am considering doing. I love Valentine. I love hearts. I am forever drawing hearts. So, I thought to do a few projects for Valentine and if you want to take the class please say YES! I promise you will not be disappointed and your loved one will be happily surprised. I decided that if 10 of you want to do it I will do it. For the South African ladies, the class will be R100.

Tomorrow my little Jana is going to school full time. I must admit I am going to miss her very much and I can understand for the first time why mom's cry on the first day of school. I feel a little teary just thinking of it. She is so much fun for me.

Ok, I am looking forward to your opinions!
Love and a kiss


caro said...

Good luck to Jana, for one of life's BIG days!
I hope her teacher is really lovely, and that her new friends are lots of fun.

P.S. we are also starting nursery school,this week, (W & 10x3-year-olds, and me in my new job, as their teacher. I wish Jana was in our class, but she's a BIG girl now.

Anonymous said...

Anja is also starting Grade 0 on Wednesday. She is SUPER excited, and so am I, for her sake! Although I think I'll probably cry a bit....
But looking forward to experiencing new things with her.
Talitha is going for an operation on Thursday (to fix an umbilical AND inguinal hernia), poor thing, she's had her share of hospitals & operations in the past 4 months. Please pray with us, for her.
Big week for us.
Will send my & Leigh's pages soon.
Love - ingrid

me again said...

:-), love ya

Stephanie said...

Would love to post my layout for your challenge, but not sure how? Any help would be fabulous! I'm still very new at this!

Wilna said...

Hi there!
You can just email me a picture of your page!