Tuesday, February 19, 2008


We had a wonderful few Saturdays! My scrapbook room is cleaner and I did some work, but I must say that we have the weirdest Monday nights in my scraproom. Monday nights is when Jaku wants to print his lecture for the Bible college students on Tuesday mornings. And without fail on a Monday night my printer doesn't want to work. Then I got clever and use the HP Photoprinter. But would you believe it. Last night not ONE printer wanted to work. Which is totally absurd and ridiculous. I print in here everyday and only Monday nights have some issues. Between 11 AND 12:00am. Anyway, it's morning now and we emailed it to the church secretary and she printed it out. I think that we both passed the test in that there was no frustrations, screaming or shouting. HA!

Today I am out of house most of the day, spending some time with people and doing a bit of non-scrapbooking (but still designing) work. I really, REALLY wish that spring would come.

Talk soon

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me again said...

Love ya - have a great day out and about. :-)