Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday happiness...

I am in such a happy mood today (well, I am most of the times... like Jaku so wisely say: Always except sometimes!) So, I am giving away a little 5th avenue goodness... It will be a little 5th avenue notebook, a bit of 5th avenue ribbons, some 5th avenue brads and other stuff as you can see in the picture.

for your name to be put in the draw, you have to do 5 (get it? 5th avenue?) things... I will keep track here. I will announce the winner of the RAK tonight! Think of it as a little treasure hunt... it's almost easter right?

This is how it's going to work...
1. Go here tell my best friend to blog more her name is Maryna...(he-he)
2. Tell me the name of this layout... this girl is my new favorite scrapper...
3. Please go and leave a comment of love for my layout HERE...being a little selfish! : )
4. what is the song that's playing on Jody's blog? (One of my very favorites!)
5. How many cards in our "card for Lois" gallery? And while you are there have a look at all the fabulous cards! Oh and the answer is there... you don't have to count them all!

After you have gathered all the info/left the comments, come and check in here!

Happy Hunting!


Amy said...

"Hello Love" I hope you are having an "Amazing Grace" type of day! Did you know there are 148 cards in the gallery for Lois??!! How wonderful! Oh, I did your other challenges too! Fun, fun!
XoXo Amy

me said...

Hello there - 1)I told Maryna to scrap more - 2) Hello Love 3) Left you a comment 4) Amazing Grace 5) 148 cards. Love ya :-)

weebbt said...

I did it all! Told Maryna to blog more, checked out the "hello love" layout, left a comment on your lovely layout, heard Amazing Grace, and saw that there are 148 cards in the gallery for Lois so far.
;) weebbt aka Tracy

Harley Dee said...

"hello love" by sallyhanna and i love it! :) Amazing Grace always makes me cry, especially when I hear it played on bagpipes. And 148 gorgeous cards for Lois. Have a great Friday :)

Littleone's Scrapbook Journal said...

1. Left comment
2. Hello Love
3. Left comment
4. Amazing Grace
5. 148 currently
Jen Harrison :)

Lori said...


1. Told Maryna to blog more!!
2. Hello Love, by Sally (one of my favs too)
3. Left a comment for you
4. Amazing Grace (My chains are gone)
5. 148 cards for Lois (woo hoo)!!

Have a great weekend Wilna!!

tessa said...

1. Done ;-D
2. "hello love"
3.Did thatone too ;-) and it was an awsome layout with cute details!!
4.Amazing Grace (My chains are gone)
5.148 WOW how great is that!! Hope mine has arrived or will do soon!!

Hugs and have a great weekend..Thanx for a fun way of having a giveaway!!

Hillary said...

Hey there..

1. I told Maryna to blog more. :)
2. Hello Love
3. Left a comment for you.
4. Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) by Chris Tomlin...One of my faves as well.
5. 148...That is so awesome....

Thanks for doing this. :)

ALLY said...

Hi Wilna! I love your work!

1. Done! *giggle* sounds like a fun ride!
2. "Hello Love"
3. Done! Beautiful page!
4. "Amazing Grace"
5. 148.. fabulous!


Paige said...

1) Did it
2)"hello love" by Sally Hanna
3)left some love for your layout
4)Amazing Grace (My chains are gone) by Chris Tomlin
5)148 cards so far for Lois

Anonymous said...

Wow - what a cute way to get folks involved! Okay, I:
1. Told Myrna to blog more (per you)
2. Saw the "hello love" layout
3. Left some "love" for your layout - love that blue and black!
4. Amazing Grace - hadn't heard that one before - liked it!
5. 148 cards! That is awesome!

Lynn (furrball)

Paola said...

1. I left a comment for Maryna
2. Hello Love by Sally, such a cute layout!
3. Left you a comment praising your work on the MM blog
4. Amazing Grace, how beautiful that song is
5. 149 cards for Lois as of a minute ago!

That was fun! Thanks Wilna! Have a beautiful day!


ME said...

1. Loved her blog header!
2. "hello love" sallyhanna
3. Thank you for sharing Loved It!
4. Amazing Grace was playing for me!
5. I was marked at 149.

I loved this - It was so Cool!

MichelleJ said...

Felt a little 'stalkerish' myself Maryna, but what fun this was! Hello Love and your Jana's Dance are precious Lo's - you can see the love tucked in both pages! Amazing Grace - have to admit to opening Jody's blog sometimes when working just to hear that song. 149cards so far - amazing. And I haven't even posted mine yet. Your friends are SO blessed :).

Melissa~ said...

First of all thanks for giving me an excellent reason to procrastinate the million things I'm supposed to be doing right now...*LOL*

I dropped a note to Maryna, no promises but I think she is definitely getting the hint.

The "hello love" layout is astonishingly beautiful and simple. Favorited her.

You are making me covet paper products with your noteworthy abilities!

The Amazing Grace version playing on Jody's blog is one of my favorites.

There were 149 cards at 2:25 in the gallery.

This was so fun. I'll have to try it on my blog!

Pink Paper Peppermints

fran h said...

Hi Wilna,
thanks for posting this wonderful post.
1.left a comment for Maryna to blog more.
2.Layout is called "Hello Love" by Sally
3.Loved your layout just beautiful
4.The song playing is Amazing Grace by Chris Tomlin
5. There was 149 cards for Lois in the gallery.

Have a wonderful week-end

Fran Heupel

HoweverAlthough said...

1. done
2. Hello Love. Very cute and sweet!
3. done and I must say - PRECIOUS! I love every bit of that line and it's perfect for your style.
4. Amazing Grace. And I love her blog.
5. 149 photos in the gallery, but maybe only 148 cards?

OK, hit me with some kindness. ;)

Heather said...

i hollered at maryna
the layout is called hello love
left you some love
the song is amazing grace by chris tomlin - an amazing version
i count 132 cards not counting where people posted 2 pics, 149 total

LTDaniel said...

1. Told Maryna to get busy blogging.
2. Hello Love by sallyhanna
3. Loved your layout, how cute.
4. Amazing Grace by Chris Tomlin
5. 149 currently.

What a fun treasure hunt.


4guysandagirl said...

1. done
2. Hello love
3. Your LO really is awesome!
4. Amazing Grace (my favorite too.)
5. and there are 149 cards for Lois!

Thanks for the fun!

paula clare said...

Hi Wilna,
149 cards and counting! Woohoo! Just creating more than one really gets the creative juices flowing! I am SO inspired...I'm off to 'build' more!
Blessings! Oh, by the way, I emailed the answer to the Layout question. :-)

paula clare said...

Oops, forgot to mention the song on Jody's blog...Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) we used this song to play a video memorial to my husbands mom who just died 3 days ago. She was a sweet Christian woman...the song always makes me cry.

(Oh, I did the other stuff on the list too, just didn't write it down here)

Juel said...

Layout is 'Hello Love'. Song is Amazing Grace, which is my favorite too! and there have been 149 cards made for Lois.

Juel said...

PS......I did leave some love for you at Marking memories and told your friend Maryna she needs to blog more.

angi said...

1. done :)
2. Hello Love
3. love it, left you a comment
4. Amazing Grace
5. 150 cards...YAY!!

THanks for giving me something FUN to do this evening :)

melissa said...

This was a fun break! I told Maryna to blog more (and had an opportunity to thank her for being a South African prayer partner for our new mission launch at the US/Mexico border!)
Hello Love.
Left you a comment.
Amazing Grace
150 cards (among them mine!)...enjoyed seeing them all....beautiful love offerings.

PetiteCheri said...

Okay, that was fun! Thanks for the little field trip.

1.Asked Maryna to come around more and tell us what she's up to.
2.Checked out SallyHanna's "hello love" LO and left some love.
3.Left some love for YOUR lovely LO, too.
4.Amazing grace is playing on Jody's blog. I'd love to know who is singing it though. It's beautiful.
5.Currently 150 cards for Lois! Wow, see is going to be super blessed!

Dettao said...

1. I visited Maryna and passed on your message
2. Saw Sallyhanna hello love layout. It is adorable
3. left you some love
4. Awesome version of Amazing Grace
5. There are 150 cards in the gallery. I hope to add mine this week.
I sent you a package. Let me know when it arrives. I am absolutely in love with that 5th avenue line. Can't wait to get my hands on it. You are so lucky to already have some.

Anonymous said...

1. Went to Maryna's blog asked her to blog more
2. Checked out the "hello love" layout
3. Love your beautiful layout, left you some much deserved praise
4. The song playing on Jody's blog is Amazing Grace
5. 150 cards for Lois

DeniseLynn said...

Hallo!!!!! Oh friend, this was fun. 1. Nice blog Myrna has! 2. Hello Love 3.Left you a happy note 4. Oh "Amazing Grace" my favorite. I so needed to hear that this night!! 5. 150 for Lois right now. Yea!

Roslyn said...

All tasks happily completed!
1.Your friend will surely get your hint!
2. The layout is "hello love"
3. I left some love for you
4. The song is Amazing Grace
5. There are now 150 amazing cards in the gallery for Lois.

This was a fun little diversion. Thanks!

3QTGUYS said...

Okey doke! All done!
left a comment, Hello Love, Commented for you too(cute layout), Amazing Grace, and 148 cards!


lukabella said...

1) visited Myrna
2)"Hello Love"
3) Left u some love too!
4) Amazing Grace
5) 150

Linh C. said...

1) visited Myrna
2)"Hello Love" by sally hanna
3) done
4) Amazing Grace
5) 150

Ann said...

All done!
Visited your friend
"Hello Love"
left you a comment
"Amazing Grace"
150 cards (which is fantastic!)

Britta said...

Hey Wilna! Did it all
I visited your friend, the name of the layout is "Hello Love", I left you a comment, the song is
"Amazing Grace" (I picked "Fly me to the moon" from her list, because it is such a sunny morning here in Germany, I needed a little bit more happiness!) :-), AND I counted 150 cards!

Jenny said...

1. told her "Wilna says to blog more"
2. Hello love
3. left you a comment on your beautiful layout
4. Amazing Grace
5. 150

HeidiR said...

1. Hoop Maryna hou van al haar posts om jou meer te post ;-)
2.'Hello love' SOOOOO Cute!!!
3.Daai layouts is GORGEOUS!!!
4.Amazing grace
5.150!!! WOW!!!

Jody said...

What a fun 'hunt' and a great RAK. Your blog always is such an inspiring place to visit. Love that Lois is getting so much support. You are such a great friend for making this support happen. I hope her spirits continue to be lifted... one card at a time. Have a great and JOYful weekend! =)

ivwhy said...

1) left her a comment to blog more
2) hello love
3) left comment
4) mighty to save-- hillsong
5) 169

thanks for the hunt! saw inspiration to make more time to craft & scrap!!