Thursday, April 10, 2008

a few Favorite things...

Today I want to tell you a few of my favorite things... and I want you to tell me yours...
1. Starbucks bears (i have 4 of them)
2. Rolos: See here. And btw, that question would be very hard for me to answer.
3. God's words: Love the Message and Amplified versions
4. My husband
5. My Kids.

Ok, so tell me 5 of your favorite things and I will draw a name in a few days and give out a Making Memories goodie box.


ps... I turned on the verification feature in my comments as I had a bit of spam lately.
: )


caro said...

oh yes! this is FUN...

1. the way my Father nudges me & shows me He's here with me
2. my soulmate hubster
3. my pigeon pair kiddo's
4. baked custard with nutmeg on top
5. the birds in my indigenous garden.


Kimmie said...

My 5 favorites

1. stop smoking pill
2. my ds
3. the spring weather
4. scrapping...who
5. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream (hence the stop smoking)

Thanks Wilna, i am always peeking at your blog

Stay funny said...

1. My fiance, Stéphane
2. Raspberry sorbet
3. Pasta... with Alfredo sauce + chicken and covered with cheese and croutons backed in the oven...mmmmmm... however, my lunch will be a salad...
4. Creating with all type of medium, currently it's scrapbooking!
5. My furry cat - Maya

fran h said...

my 5 favorites:

1. my family
2. italian food
3. good friends
4. traveling
5. starting a new day everyday

Jan C. said...

1. Graeter's Chocolate Chip ice cream (I am sorry you don't have it--it's a specialty chain in my area).
2. Zumba! THE most fun form of exercise I have ever tried.
3. Yoga.
4. Audio books.
5. A good movie where the heroine is in her own little beautiful world, but ends up spreading it to everyone around her (like "Enchanted" or "Legally Blonde")

Colleen said...

I love these feel good posts!

1. my boys - husband and 2 little ones
2. clean sheets
3. a good cup of coffee
4. creating/scrapbooking
5. watching the kids have fun!

I'm sure that pressie will makes someone's day too!

Harley Dee said...

Only 5 huh? :)

1. Being a Christian
2. My hubby
3. Warm chocolate chip cookies
4. Being bare footed :)
5. Stripes

Dale Anne Potter said...

Those bears are so cute!
my picks....
1) my family
2) my home studio
3) my friends
4) my spiritually (tho not public but still there!)
5) my camera

tessa said...

1: my family
2: moccha + scrappy magazine
3: scrapbooking
4: cardmaking
5: shopping (formy hobbies)

Christa said...

1. my man and his patience
2. my family
3. my health
4. my job
5. raspberries

Paola said...

1. My family
2. My new puppy
3. Vacations
4. Photograhy
5. Eating a great meal

Anonymous said...

1. Husband & family
(children/spouses & Grandson)
2. God and my Church Family
3. Friends outside of my church
4. Scrapbooking & Card Making
5. Doing for others
(Paying it forward)

Looking forward to meeting you at the Scrap Etc. Event next week.
Grannie Annie

Heidi said...

So COOL!!!
1.My little girl, Chanteni
2.My Hubbie
4.Dream (chocolate you get in South Africa)
5.Woolies (Woolworths - what will we eat without that shop ;-) )

Have a great day, enjoy the painting!

Anonymous said...

this one made me think!
1. My wonderful husband that buys me scrap stash even though he REALLY doesn't get it.
2. My 4 fantastic kids that booked me into a day spa for my birthday
3 My grandchildren that come running to me with so much abandon and love
4 Teaching
5 Being alive and living in Africa

Anonymous said...

My favorite things...
1. the love of God our Father
2. my family
3. my friends
4. Chocolate
5. and more chocolate

excited for your class at SE


Anonymous said...

Hi...I have been reading your blog often and thought I would play too!
1. Pattern paper
2. cheese
3. Saskatchewan Sunshine
4. Smell of mom's homade bread.
5. My family of course!

Wendy from Kerrobert

Anonymous said...

1. my faith
2. my family
3. my friends
4. my freedom
5. my health

Anonymous said...

Hi! Here are 5 of my favorite things:

1. My sweet hubby
2. my daughter, cutest baby in the world
3. my best friend, Christi
4. home
5. fall

Ellen G from Birmingham, AL

Sophia said...

My 5 Favs...

1. My 2 girls
2. My hubby
3. My religion
4. Pasta food
5. MM Scrapbok products of course

Anonymous said...

Oh, my some of my favorite things are:

1)My 3 girls
2)My husband
3)Cella dark chocolate covered cherries
4)My friends
5)Creative people who share their passion and art with others

See you next week in Nashville.


Debbie said...

1. God's Word - Message Bible and also loved "The Recovery Bible" a friend was reading.

2. My loving husband and kids.

3. My Dauschund Hollie, what a Precisous friend.

4. ALTERED ART and Scrapbooking. (And my special friend that turned me onto altered art.)

5.Warm, Sunny Spring walks.

Jessica said...

This is fun!

1. My family

2. Vacations

3. Hot showers

4. Sundays

5. good food

Anonymous said...

1.) Jesus, my Lord and Savior
2.) My fiance, Tom, who will marry me july 12, 2008
3.) Thai and Indian food
4.) my nephew Nicholas who is 5
5.) scrapbooking my family and friends

Roslyn said...

"These are a few of my favorite things...":
2.My 3 darling daughters
3.Good, dark chocolate
4.Tim Hortons coffee

pink said...

1. the Bible & daily devotions
2. my hubby & boys
3. music, but especially praise & worship music
4. coffee
5. scrappy/artsy kind of stuff

joscelyne cutchens said...

my hubby, my kids, coffee, taking pictures, skinny cow 1 point bars.

Corey said...

Hi! great blog!!

my faves:

1. caramel latte's
2. my family - dh, dd, ds
3. this little hobby I call scrapbooking
4. my chapstick
5. rainy days

~Corey from OK~

Anonymous said...

My faves:
1. My WHOLE family
2. hand lotion
3. My camera
4. patterened paper
5. Tacos

HoweverAlthough said...

1. Weight watchers Lemon Cakes
2. The way clover hits me on th eleg with her nose when I'm sitting at the computer and she wants to get in my lap.
3. The way Cowboy walks so close behind me that his little cold nose touches my calf.
4. PJ and his sense of humor.

Mrs. Wizzle said...

Yikes, trying to narrow it down to five is hard.

1. Family (in laws outlaws, immediate)
2. God ( all He is to me and all He does)
3. Friends ( the good, the bad and the ugly)
4. Scrapbooking "stuff" of any sort
5. Chocolate ( Dark Kit Kat) and cookies ( any sort)

Anonymous said...

Hey Wilna,
1. Ultimate favorite is PICKLES (bicks garlic baby dills to be exact)
2.My two neices, so adorable
3.Grape icecream. its hard to find

Debby said...

A few of my favorite things....(things not people)

1. My coffee pot
2. My scrap studio
3. My scrappy chair
4. My dog/baby
5. My salmon color quilt made by my mother and her mother.

Anonymous said...

Hello, here are my 5 faves:

1. My family;
2.My miniature Schnauzer
3.Starbucks coffee
4. Anything with coconut or smell like Herbal Essence orchid & coconut milk:)
5.My pink Hue Aromatherapy socks

inara said...

1) Noteworthy anything from MM
2) My husband
3) My nieces
4) Helping students learn
5) How God always waits for me with open arms

Anonymous said...

My top 5 faves!
1. My saviour's love
2. My husband
3. My three grandchildren and their parents
4. Memories
5. God's beautiful creations

Anonymous said...

my absolute favourites are:

1. My little girl (who I
had to wait SO long for)

2. My wonderful husband

3. Faith

4. My girlfriends (through
thick and thin-our


Have a great day


Anonymous said...

Mine are:
1) God's words
2) My husband and kids
3) My Parents and siblings
4) Internet
5) Scrapbooking

Lynette Huynh

Maryna said...

love everyone's loved stuff!! good to still see so much passion.. mine..
1. hard rain that makes the earth smell new. like when God just made it..
2. laughing loudly, that will make people turn around and stare, and not caring 'cause it's with a good friend
3. crying that cleanses my soul.. roots out all the hurt and leaves the heart ground ready for new seed.
4. a good movie!! one that will make me laugh, cry, jump, shy away when he kisses her and make me dream again.
5. being loved!!
by my family, my friends, my creator and my saviour

René said...

Hi there!

Some of my favourite things:

1. My family
2. My wonderful boyfriend
3. Toffees
4. My new car
5. Scrapbooking

I also love your blog......and Bar One Choc sauce........and baby donkeys......and Woolies Food......and so much more!!!!


jacki janse van rensburg said...

what a nice post. and i love the comments. me:
1. the man and the kids
2. living on a smallholding
3. dark chocolate and ice cream
4. having a scrapbooking shop and scrapbooking with like-minded girls
5. reading blogs and blogging

i had to put 2 under each number, and i could have added another 5!

Littleone's Scrapbook Journal said...

1. husband
2. kids
3. my new church
4. scrapbooking
5. Air Force-b/c it allows me to be a SAHM.

Sabrina said...

A few of my favorite things:

1. My family
2. spring flowers
3. sunshine
4. scrapbooking
5. traveling to new places

***6. Wilna's blog *** You are such a sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

Five of my favorite things:
- Diet Mt. Dew (so much that I even take it with me when I travel - can't take a chance on it not being available)
- My mom's homemade spaghetti
- A brand new mystery/drama book to read and a few free hours
- The smell of freshly mowed (mown?) grass - one of my favorite things about spring!
- Being able to "sleep in" on a Saturday morning

Lynn (furrball)

Stephanie said...

only five...hmmm...
1) my daughter's laughter
2) starbucks non-fat, decaf, iced white mocha
3) being outdoors
4) scrapbooking
5) my husband's smile

MandieGirl said...

*kisses from my hubby
*Starbucks non-fat white choc. mocha
*my multi-color collection of fiestaware
*my hubby's music and enthusiasm for his music

samuso said...

1. My boyfriend, Martin
2. My family (sisters Elizabeth and Carol, my neices (Alexandra, Jillian and Caitie) and my Mom) and friends
3. scrapbooking
4. flavored coffee!

Anonymous said...

1. Pizza (especially the one with spinach, garlic, feta & avo!)
2. Music
3. Exercising
4. My scrapbooking room
5. Email/internet
and of course the Lord, my hubby, my darling daughters, my best friend Jakkie, etc.

Ingrid from Jo'burg

lia b said...

1. My Family
2. Friends
3. Siroopwafels
4. Scrapbooking
5. Seashells

Redondo Beach

Lisa said...

1. Smiles, I love it when people smile.
2.My dear sweet husband, he is the absolute best and I wish every girl could have one so sweet.
3. The sun for the warmth it brings
4. knitting on the couch watching tv
5. Flowers :)

Tanya said...

1. my family
3. my art
4. good friends
5. comfy pj's

jacqui said...

Hi Wilna. Thanks for all your inspiration. My favs are :
1. Being loved unconditionally by my Lord and Saviour, my hubby and my 2 beautiful little girls
2. Scrapbooking and all the wonderful friends I have made through this wonderful hobby
3. My new found sport - golf
4. Chocolate
5. Good cup of coffee

Juel said...

My favorite things right now

1. Pistachio ice cream
2. Chocolate
3. My clean scrapbookroom and the fact that I have to keep it that way because we are selling our house.(It just forces me to clean up after playing!!)
4. My husband
5. My children

The Artistic Muse said...

1. My husband
2. Traveling
3. Fresh flowers
4. My new Furla handbag
5. Hearing the rain

Laura said...

Hi Wilna,

Thought I would play this time. Trying to narrow it down is tough.

1. Jesus first and foremost.
2. Husband and girls-then family.
3. Scrapbooking.
4. Chocolate-milk chocolate.
5. Reading-love to curl up with a good book.

Laura from JSI

Lovely gd. Cee said...

here's mine, it's almost like yours.

1. my family: husband and kids to be specific
2. forsake not the gathering of the church.
3. starbucks coffee
4. my camera/scrapbooking amaze me

Bar-b said...

my favourite things:

1. the sky - I love watching sunsets and clouds and stars.

2. I love photos - they help me remember.

3. laughter...especially childrens laughter.

4. learning new things - it makes me feel good about me.

5. oldest and dearest friends - even when you've lost touch for years / when you find them again it's like they were never gone.

Anonymous said...

My fave things.
1. my dog
2. coke zero
3. my Wii
4. spending time in Africa
5. reading


4guysandagirl said...

1. My Heavenly Father!
2. My guys, all 4 of them!
3. Spring! I love the colors and the warm air. I love outdoors.
4. Seedless grapes and Chex Mix.
5. Most of my extended family :D LOL!!!

Have a great day!!

Anonymous said...


that is our 5 favorite things to do.......

Linda (lvelez2512)

Kate said...

LOVE this...I don't know why lists like this make me think of Spring!

1. My family of course!!! And those no longer here but you feel them in the things you do. Like thinking of my Gram when I turn my sewing machine on.

2. Being blessed with not one but 2 pregnancies...God is amazing

3. An outlet to show how grateful and happy I am my scrapbooking.

4. Friends you KNOW you can count on. Even if you are counting on them to give you a kick in the rear end sometimes!

5. I love, love, love Starbucks Decaf Mocha Fraps. Mostly because I only get one every 3 months or so.

The list could go on and on...fabrics, chocolate, chatting with Keli, hugging, kissing my Hubby, all says Happiness to me.

3QTGUYS said...

Hmmmm, let's see: 5 favorite things:

Starbucks: a variety from there!
My Nike + ipod running kit
Disney World
Reese's Cups & Twix Bars
Hearing my boys laugh!

Anonymous said...

My 5 favorite things are...

1. My husband (well not a thing) lol
2. My Ipod
3. Shoes (I love every kind of shoes)
4. Mojitos :D
5. My scrapbooking supplies!


Anonymous said...

My favorites:

1. My children (and all their hugs and kisses)
2. My husband
3. Starbuck's Ice Coffee, black
4. My digital camera
5. Disneyland

Wendy H.

Lynn J said...

1. my family
2. my pets (dogs & ferrets)
3. my camera
4. traveling
5. scrapbooking!

Anonymous said...

1. God's promises
2. my family
3. Ben & Jerry's half baked frozen yogurt
4. imported European chocolate
5. spring!
Thanks Wilna- That was fun! You are such an inspiration and witness of Christ's love. : ) Bless you. -Alisa

Mrs. Wizzle said...

I came back to read others favorites and dont ya know it makes me think my list is sooo incomplete. Five is just not enough to list favorites. I read their lists and go hmmm.... yeah.... mmm.... oh yeah that too! You know there are sooooo... many things that are favorites and thinking of favorite things leads so easily to things that you are thankful for. Thanks for prodding us to think.

Barb said...

1. fun times with my mom
2. good diet dr pepper in a styrofoam cup
3. Culvers cheese curds
4. getting supplies ready for Scrap Etc
5. my husband & sons....make me smile

need to print out your stuff for class, can't wait to meet you!

Peggy-Sue said...

Hi Wilna.. I'm peeking on your blog almost everyday so of course I'll tell you my 5 favorites.

1. my daugther Athena (pronounced Atena) and my husbond
2. my 3 cats ( 2 NFO's and a housecat)
3. my family and friends
4. scrapping and the meeting people throught this hobby
5. to be alive:)

Have a nice day sweety and please say hello to Lois, hoping she is ok:)
Peggy-Sue from Denmark

{t} said...

1 The way my nephew cannot be told that I am coming to visit because he gets too excited.
2) weather that lets me put the roof down and the Bon Jovi music up louder.
3) the BBQ hamburgers made by my dad
4) being in a paper crafting environment
5)coffee on a Sunday morning

Anonymous said...

My favorite things:

1. All the beautiful things God has created for us to enjoy.
2. My husband and my kids
3. Diet Coke
4. My kids little toes in flip flops

Anonymous said...

My favorite things are:
1. My husband
2. My kids
3. Dr. Pepper
4. Sugar
5. getting to go to Scrap Etc and meet you in just a few days!
Wendy A

Kat said...

Hi Wilna
Here's my list:
1. My relationship with God.
2. My hubby
3. My children and grandchildren
4. My friends
5. My pets

I count those blessings everyday.

Take care,


Lynne said...

These are a few of my favorite no order of favouritness
* Bubble baths
* Fresh flowers
* God's hand on my life
* The ocean
* Family

chiffonwings said...

I've been using my browser's "restore pages" option all weekend whenever I've had to restart my computer so I could comment on this, and I still haven't been able to decide what to say. Hmmm... I guess I'll just do the first ones I think of. :)

♥ Fresh flowers - especially tulips, right now... though my favorite flowers are lilacs and lilies of the valley. Right now I have a vase of pink tulips with white edging... they're so sweet.
♥ My family and friends... they have been there through thick and thin.
♥ God... His love, His grace and mercy, His presence, His patience... I could go on and on...
♥ Finding (and eating) gluten-free food. Especially when it's something I thought I could never have again.
♥ Though there is a part of me that wants to say chocolate, I think I will say my computer - because it allows me to keep in touch with my friends... and to make new ones. :)

I wish I had room for more! :)

Penny Smith said...

-My family (OK-given)
-Borders Cafe Coffee's... I think they are {gasp} better than Starbucks
-dandelions-because my kids give them to me as "real" flowers!
-cardinals (the bird, not the team)
-dolphins... big suprise having been a trainer!
-scrapbooking embellishements. Give me kraft paper and all the little add-ons, and I am in heaven!
-Evidence of God (that way I cover it all!)

This was fun! Thanks Wilna!

purplegirl said...

My faves:

1) Chic-fil-A
2) my family & friends
3) worship time
4) outdoor photos
5) tulips

I could go on and on!