Saturday, May 10, 2008


Hallo World... W.I.C is done. It was wonderful. we literally only slept in our beds for a few hours every night. I was the photographer of the week and I think i took 500 pictures. and some flip video clips which I edited into a 4 minute video. I will post it on youtube as soon as I have all my breath back!
This weekend is a bit slower even though I just finished up with 2 projects that was due today. My friend Marian and Johann had a baby boy last monday and I only saw him yesterday. I am in love!!!

I also visited LOIS yesterday. She is in the hospital for a small procedure and when I walked into her room yesterday she gave me thumbs up and said she has a SUPER day! Her eyes are sparkling. Her smile is beautiful. The only thing that's irking her is the fact that she is on a "soft" diet. So (with the doctor's permission) I sneaked her a starbucks vanilla bean frappacino. You should have seen her smile. She is still getting cards and I think she appreciates them all the more now because she doesn't expect cards every day anymore. So, if you feel inclined at all, make her another card. and put a smile on her face. I totally HEART Lois.

That's the update of my day. I am laying low today!
Love you


inara said...

beautiful lo and I'm glad that Lois is feeling cheery.

Andrea said...

Thank you so much for the Lois update :) I pray for her all the tme!!! Lots of love to you Wilna :D

DeniseLynn said...

Thank you so much for a bit about Lois ... I think of her often and lift her in prayer. My friend has just found out she has breast cancer and so I am trying to care for her. I took a cue from your cards for Lois and I made her a basket of thank you cards right before she went into the hospital so that she can later send notes to those who help her. What a difficult time this is for her. My heart aches as I see yet another friend of mine suffer this terrible disease. I will send another card for Lois soon but will need some time as I care for friends here too. Please tell her I think of her often and pray hard too!!!

MandieGirl said...

THanks for the Lois update! I'm so glad that you have *shared* her with us! What a sweet friend you are!

me said...

Hi my friend. I had a little hernia fix up two weeks ago and I am also on a soft "liquid" diet for another two weeks - so can you please fly here and bring me one of those frappucino things???? Love ya tons :-) P.S. Glad Lois is feeling better.

caro said...

hi Wilna!

so glad Lois is perky!

may I just say that your hybrid LO's are so truly beautiful. Please keep the light & translucency coming.
Hugs to all of u.

Maryna said...

hallo my friend.. glad all is well, happy your w.i.c. went well.. had good weekend. talk soon. i hope.

Jan C. said...

Thanks for the news about Lois. Tell her all of us former cardmakers have not forgotten about her and still pray for her!

Glad you WIC week was so much fun and went so well!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear from you, sounds like you have had a great week. Thansk for the update on Lios
Enjoy your day

caro said...

your blog is looking stunning~especially enjoying the edge effects you've put onto the icons. That leafy cut-out's awesome!!!
not sure what the proper names are for this??? just very pretty.