Monday, May 26, 2008

A winner and a question and some other things

Good morning dear friends.
I have a few things on the blog list today!
1. The winner of the blog banner RAK is Harley Dee said...Now this is one truly fabulous RAK! You do such great work. Thanks for the opportunity to win :) HUGS! 12:02 PM!! Please email me an we will work something out! YAY!
2. I have a question today... do you have any organizing tips for me? I am really trying to get some organization going in my scrapbook room but it seems I am only moving stuff from one place to another. uhg. Please give me some tips that works for you PLEASE!
3. This week the girls have their dance recital. How does 6 shows in 4 days sound? I am mom who is the makeup artist/ hair stylist/ taxi / caterer to 3 beautiful girls. I count it a blessing to be able to do this. I just don't like the business so much!
4. Then Monday we have a Ladies conference at our church for 3 days. I can't wait!
5. Phil 3:1 says And that's about it, friends. Be glad in God! I don't mind repeating what I have written in earlier letters, and I hope you don't mind hearing it again.

happy Monday to you all.
love and a kiss


Harley Dee said...

Thank you so much Wilna!! You should have heard me squealing when I saw my name.. good thing no one else was home :)

Linda said...

Wow!! you sound very busy..... I am also looking to organize my scrapping goodies, I've had no luck I'm looking for something cheap and cute.....

Sandi Keene said...

Reading The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker was instrumental for me in getting my scrapbook room to work for me. I discovered how I like to create, what style of storage worked for me (open and visible) and how organizing some things by project (like rubber stamping and painting) and some things by catagory (embellishments) and some things by manufacturer (patterned paper) was the perfect answer for me. I highly recommend the book and its workbook style questions that help you find your style.

linda said...

With embillishements I have found organising them as well as alphabet chipboard / stickers all by colour and storing in plastic contrainers/work well. Paper is seperate and that I sort by color as well with cardstock and PP for me but lots of people do it different. I think teh secret is to look at how you scrap, then put a system together that follows your process.
Have a great day

caro said...

hey Wilna!
I love to me the colours, so my embellies are in large glass (nescafe) jars. Paper scraps in those A4 envelopes (one for each rainbow colour)- the see-thru plastic ones, and pp in 12x12 suitcases with divisions - also by colour. AND that's not to say, it's tidy!!!

Enjoy the DANCE!!!

Juel said...

Just about any size bucket, or basket. I'm always looking for them too!

This past fall I found a clear canister set. There were three in the set and they only cost me $1.99 each. So in them I store my extra ribbon pieces separated into the following Blue/Green/Purple, Red/Yellow/Orange, and White/Black/Brown.

Accessories are separated by color(best thing I ever did) and chipboard by letter.

MichelleJ said...

No hints here as my stuff is crammed in a cabinet and seeping out of my crop bags into a cornerof my living room! Love seeing all the suggestions though -hope to move it all at some point.

Have fun (to everyone!) at the dance shows. Right now we've something softball daily - but it's not all day :).