Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy Mail day!!!

Look at this ADORABLE little starbucks bear I got in the mail from Heidi from freehand scraps!!!! I sort of are collecting them and this is now my 5th one. Awww, look at his little muffins for his hands!!! Thank you so much Heidi... you are the sweetest thing!!! mwah!

Then, I picked 2 winners for the Noteworthy RAK (well, my randomness did) drum roll for:

elisabeth said...For myself, it's a new experience of being together with my family on SUnday evening as we watch the gorgeous sunset at our cottage before packing up to head home for the week. This past Sunday it was spectacular and as we (and our cottage neighbours) watched the sun sink inot the lake we all applauded...showing our appreciation for the wonderful gift. 6:48 PM


Linda said...I would have to say, family time when we are all sitting together watching a good movie. the second would be a cup of coffee and some needed scrapbooking time.....Linda Velez 2:51 PM

Please email me your addies and I will get the goodies in the mail ASAP. Yesterday our whole family went with Jaku when he did a clinic up North at Deschambault Lake and during the lunch hour we all went fishing and look what Kirstin caught!!! She just couldn't stop smiling. Not a bad result for 20 minutes of fishing. We didn't quite reckon with the force of Jana and we did make a mental note to bring a grown-up just for her when we go fishing again. I don't have to say more than she kept her dad very busy ; )

Speaking of Jana, it's her birthday tomorrow. She wanted a swimming party and seeing that we have no swimming pool here, we are considering going to the beach for a while with 8 yes, 8!! little girls. But I am sure they will be fine.

This is a little card I made that will go into one of the RAKS that is going out. I made the card just for fun. The little RAKS are actually card kits and I really hope that it will bring much enjoyment to those who won (and will win) them. I have 2 more of these (generous) card kits to give away... each rak have 6 cards in them that you can make and embellish (also included) as you want. So, what I am going to do is really really randomly pick names within the next week from any post I do. I am not announcing the rak give away in any specific post. You can leave me a comment and just maybe you can win one. I will announce the winners next Friday. If you have no idea what I just said, just leave me a comment every time I post and you might win a card rak!!!!

Time to almost get the kids.
Have a wonderful week. I am reading the 4 gospels this weekend... anyone want to join me?
Love and a kiss


Anonymous said...

Greetings Wilna~
I just wanted to say Hi to you and let you know that I think it's very inspiring to see that you aren't afraid to show your love of the Lord in your blog. Blessings to you and your family.
Tammy from Michigan

paula clare said...

Hi Wilna!
The bear is adorable! Lucky you! Your daughter is so cute...looks a lot like her mommy, doesn't she?

I'm not much of a fisherman... here's a "sad but true" story:

My dad took me fishing when I was 7 or 8...(I LOVED spending time with my dad, but I HATED getting up at 5 a.m. to go fishing!) However, I was a bit of a "girly girl" and didn't like to get my hands dirty...AND there was NO WAY I was going to handle those worms! Anyway, dad baited the hook for me, dodged several wild casts (that nearly took his hat off) and settled in to leisurely pass the time. My bobber suddenly went under water (we were fishing for bluegill) and I was freaking out...screaming, "Daddy! Daddy! Come help! Come help! (Like it was a WHALE on the other end of my pole!) Dad helped me reel it in, and then told me to take it off the hook. Well, this would involve touching the fish, right? NO WAY! He absolutely refused to take it off the hook FOR me, so I flopped the fish down on the shore and stepped on it while tugging on the fishing line. I jerked and tugged and finally the hook came free...with the fishy insides along with it. I was MORTIFIED! I had caught and gutted the fish all in one fell swoop. My dad was laughing so hard he nearly fell off the bank into the lake. I was white as a ghost and shaking...and telling him, "I am NOT eating THAT!"

That was the last fishing trip I remember ever going on with my dad...wonder why?

Thanks for the trip down memory lane...

Blessings to you and the fam,
Paula Clare

Anonymous said...

Oh! Happy birthday to your daughter! Say, I love that you are collecting bears...My MIL does, too! She didn't have one as a child and has made up for it as an adult (she has over 500 in her collection and is always donating to children's groups/charities). There are some adorable little bears out yours (those mittens ARE cute!).

DeniseLynn said...

The bear is cute but that Fishing Photo is the BEST!!!! That smile is priceless. And the RAK card is sooooo cute. How sweet that you are making the kits - Wilna that is such a great idea. I'm thinking that would be fun for me to put together a couple of kits of my own. I've got some special folks in my life that are going through hard times - one just found out she has breast cancer and the other is my cousin who just found out she has to have surgery as they've found a "mass" ths size of a basketball in her stomach (could be cancer!) They would have fun getting kits and making little cards as they rest in chairs and beds after surgeries. Oh Wilna - you always inspire me. Blessings upon you and your family and especially your birthday gilr.

inara said...

That card is so cute!

3QTGUYS said...

Very fun!

The Kirstin looks soooooooo happy!

Linda said...

How cute, I'll see if I can pick one up for you I'm trying to land a job with starbucks............ I can't believe that I won one of your fabulous RAKS you are awesome (not just saying it because I won but because is true)....... I love reading your bog, and I stop by everyday....... Happy Birthday to Jana from my family and good luck tomorrow with all those girls. Thank you again

Linda Velez

caro said...

hey Wilna & co
(maybe that's a hint for your new "line?)

that's a fast-swimming fish your Kirstin caught, well done to her!
Nice to see y'all in short sleeves again.
do you think Jana will sing Jan Pierewiet again? PLEASE>
love u lots

Stay funny said...

Happy b-day to Jana!
Hope you have a wonderfull w-end!
All the best

MandieGirl said...

Your cad is BEAUTIFUL! You're so creative and inspiring.

Have a happy weekend.


Anonymous said...

(musiek... sing!) Veels geluk liewe Jana, omdat jy verjaar... Mag die Here jou se├źn, en nog baie jare spaar!! Hiep-hiep-hoera!
Kirsten, you go girl!!
Liefde - ingrid

Holly said...

Great little bear, and wonderful idea with the card thing. I think that I shall join you in reading that portion of scripture this weekend! Thanks for your challenge and inspiration. Hugs!


Happy Birthday Jana!

almadr said...

the bear is soooo cute!!! you're really lucky to have him ;-)but isn't he feeling too hot in this warm outfit ;-) he would definitely be if he were in Poland today as we've got 30C degrees here

happy sunny greetings from a hot summer Poland