Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Making Memories.

I *heart* Making Memories. News to anyone? Well, I just do. Yesterday I got a BOX full of the brand new Passport Collection PLUS the awesome new acrylic stamps they are selling now. MM is known for their innovative storage solutions and they have the most BRILLIANT way to store those acrylic stamps. And the fonts of those stamps are amazing!
There are 2 MM things happening right now that's very exciting.

1. They have a survey on their blog that you can fill out and then you stand a chance to win a lovely goodie bag... and

2. They are running a little referral contest. I want to participate. Please help me win. WHY you might ask? My aim here is to get as many people as possible to sign up... MM has only been good to me and if I can give a little goodness BACK to them, then I will be so happy!! It's because of Making Memories that I have been able to give away countless RAKS on my blog. The winner of this contest gets some Passport collection goodies BUT seeing that I have already more than enough of it, IF i win, I will give it all back it in RAKS.
All you have to do is: If you don't receive their newsletter, please subscribe. Remember to put my name in the referral box!! Wilna Furstenberg. Or if you want to stand a chance at winning the contest yourself, GO FOR IT!!!

Ok, so I was thinking ... if any of you have a GREAT idea what to do with the goodie box (IF I win), please leave me a comment. Maybe there is a scrapbooking for a good cause somewhere that would LOVE a donation!

COME ON!!! please play and have some fun with me!

ps... this is a little video of me opening the MM goodie box. Then you will understand why I (and my husband) love them so much!


Amy Nabors said...

thanks for the links. i just did the survey and signed up for the newsletter.

MandieGirl said...


If you win, I know of a GREAT idea-

My local Scrpbook Store is asking us Scrappers to donate our time to making layouts for Developmentally Disabled Individuals in a Center for Self-Advocacy. They would like to make their own scrapbook, but some have limited dexterity and mobility. I'll email you the link with more info. :) (And I'm definitely going to subscribe under your name!)

Lynn said...

Hi Wilna!

I signed up for the MM newsletter and listed you as a referral! I took your class at the 08 Scrap Etc. Event. I LOVE your style!

I teach at a rural high school and sponsor a scrapbook club there, also. Most of the girls (and boys!) who come to the weekly club meetings cannot afford to purchase scrapbooking supplies. They LOVE paper crafting and the joy that it brings to their faces is priceless! We appreciate any donations we can get to keep our club going!

Thanks for all you do!

Juel said...

Wilna, I already subscripe to the newsletter.

There is a wonderful ministry in Tennessee, called Mercy Ministries. They teach the young women to scrapbook as a way of healing. If you are interested email me for thier address.

jwood said...

Just signed up and still drooling over the Making Memories Box of goodies!!! Thanks for sharing.

Kirsten said...

Wilna, you can't get any cuter - I always love hearing your accent - dang, girl, that is just like Christmas!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! What a lovely box of goodies! That would be like birthdays and Christmas all mixed together!!! Such lovely MM products they have made. I can't wait to get to my local scrapstore.Thanks for sharing,
Tammy in Michigan

Kimmy said...

You must be their favorite!Lotsa of lovely stuff in that box! :)

I just signed up for the newsletter for you. :)


Anonymous said...

Good luck (your totally an enabler, though, I might add. Heh-heh)!

Faith said...

Just signed up for the newsletter. Loved watching you open up the box and seeing your smilling face at the end.
I think that there are many childrens hospitals that would love to get some of this product. Many of the hospitals that take care of pediatric cancer patients use scrapbooks as a therapy for the children to learn how to cope with their illness.
Thanks for sharing!

paula clare said...

Hi Wilna,
Signed up for the newsletter, thanks for the link! I work with Native American children on the Yakima Indian Reservation in Washington state...the missionary there is always looking for awards and craft supplies...these would thrill her (and the kids) to DEATH!

Thanks for opening the box on camera and allowing us to vicariously "have Christmas" with you!


Paola said...

Wilna now I know why you are so excited when you receive your box of goodies! Omg! That is a lot of product! Iam so glad a wonderful person like you gets to receive it. Iam already signed up for the newsletter but I will refer some of my friends and use your name as a referal, Good Luck!
p.s. you have the cutes accent!

Anonymous said...

Couldnt decide which I liked more- your accent or the wonderful products. Every product of MM I see becomes my new fav. I have a hard time deciding on one.

Very generous of you to do the giveaway. I am sure there are people who deserve this giveaway more than I do. Their need is greater than my want. So I excuse myself from this gift of yours.

I did sign up for the newsletter and have completed the survey too.

Have a great day,

Anonymous said...

Hi Wilna,

Just thought to let you know that it is tough for us from other countries to sign up for the newsletter as there is no 'international' option in the State/Province box. That box and the zip code box are required fields. There is a country option but unless the State/Province box is filled up the submission is invalid. Maybe I am missing something, I'll check again. Just thought I'll bring it your notice and you could maybe alert the folks over at MM.

PS: I used to live in Minnesota, so I have signed up temporarily by using MN and my old zip code, but it just doesnt feel right coz I dont live there anymore (I feel like I'm misleading someone). Sorry for the bother.

Peggy-Sue said...

Hi Wilna
I signed up late last night and of course I mentioned your name:)
I love your videoes and you accent, and boy am I jaleoux of you lovely things in the package, wish that I had'em
Have a nice day.

Simone said...

WOW,they sure love you!! And I love watching the little Video!
I'm going to sign up right now!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wilna
Jy is sooooo blessed met al die MM goed wat jy kry, en jy verdien dit alles, want jy is pragtig en jy is 'n amazing kind vd Here! Dis 'n klein, aardse manier hoe Hy jou se├źn. Geniet elke papier, sticker en lint in daai boks, hoor!
Liefde - ingrid

Stephanie said...

Are you kidding me! That's a ton of scrap goodness in a box! Awesome!

I once read about a MOPs group (Mothers Of Preschoolers) doing a scrapbooking class for mothers at a homeless shelter. The mothers were able to use the donated scrap supplies to make a layout with pictures of their children. You could check your local area to see if there's something like that?

Enjoy your goodies!


Stay funny said...

Wilna, I already subscripe to the newsletter but did the survey after seing your blog today! Love all the goodies you got! Wow what a wonderful box to open!
have a great wednesday!

3QTGUYS said...

How fun! A box of complete MM goodness!

I don't quite have an idea for the goodies! Yet! But, I will be thinking!

Grammy and Olivia said...

I already subscribe to the newsletter or I would be happy to do it for you. Thanks for posting that video--it was fun to watch. What a great bunch of goodies.

DeniseLynn said...

WooHooo!! Wilna you are so cute and watching you open that fabulous box of goodies was great. Like Christmas time!!! I'm with you I love Making Memories too; when I go to the scrapbook store I go straight to the MM aisle and always find what I need and more. Am now happily anticipating to see what you create with those wonderful things.

caro said...

grand idea! - fits in with your resolution!!!

I think I am subscribed, but will add some grateful friends if not.

Rebecca S. said...

I signed up and crossing my fingers hoping I will win something one day..
I love your blog so pretty..Your are so sweet and nice...Thanks for our chance...

Anonymous said...

What an awesome blog you have and I love love love your accent.

You got some awesome stuff from Making memories and I am so flipping jealous.

I just recently went on vacation and can't wait to see this in person why my scrapbook store I shop at gets it.

And those stamps...oh my...gotta get those as well.

Making memories each year out do them selves and that is why they are my number 1 company.


Anonymous said...

P.S. My fiance was watching this little video with me and he said wow, think of the monies she is saving by getting all that goodness of product sent to her. I started laughing.

He makes fun of me stating that I can open a mini craft store in my apartment...LOL


purplegirl said...

I hope you win Wilna!

Anonymous said...

Oh my GOODNESS! I just found your blog and watched this video! WOWWWW! I love Making Memories too! LOL!

Good for you....I'm sure you've been making all kinds of fun things by now!